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    Thumbs up LEATHER DRIVING GLOVES - custom tailored / large sizes ????

    Anyone know where to get the good perforated leather driving gloves?
    Either larger sized gloves or a custom tailored pair ?
    Custom would be cool cause then I can get every color i want, Black/white/sand/light-grey/olive/red
    but at least black and white.
    And I'm looking for either high end ones, or ones which look and feel high end.

    Anyone have advice or links?
    Maybe I should holler @ maitre for a blood red pair?
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    Default Re: LEATHER DRIVING GLOVES - custom tailored / large sizes ????

    Did you find any? I love driving gloves... love gloves period. I love the 50's style of dress which did include lots of ladies gloves.... I lost a pari of leather gloves a few months ago while going through the drive through at Dairy queen (I rarely go there) and they must have fell off my lap on the gravel as I paid the lady at the window . What a shame.
    (seems like vintage L'origan was made just for me)

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    Default Re: LEATHER DRIVING GLOVES - custom tailored / large sizes ????

    I also love gloves, my perfume poster boy avatar scented his with eau de jasmin!

    I would imagine any high-end men's furnishings supplier would be able to help you with a selection. I recall these but they were sold out.

    Try this, but you might have to cut back on a few bottles of perfume for awhile:


    I am adding this for Forzieri:
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