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    Talking Havana Vanillia Vs. Etro Heliotrope Vs. Jaipur Homme Vs. Givenchy Pi

    In search of a vanilla scent I've been sampling these scents: Heliotrope, Jaipur and Pi.

    I was first planning on buying Pi. But after just one full wear I felt it smelled too synthetic and I would rather spend my money on a vanilla fragrance that smells more natural.

    So I sampled Heliotrope by Etro and I've foud it far superior to Pi in terms of naturalness.
    But I'm disspointed because it's not sweet enough to be bottle worthy in my taste.

    Next on the list was Jaipur Homme by Boucheron. In this one I liked the oriental spices and found sweet enough to by, but the smell is too faint so I wasn't sold right away.

    My criteria: Preferably sweet, moderate silage is enough, a natural vanilla scent and long lasting.
    Scents I like and owned a full 100ml bottle: Musc Ravageur and Channel Egoiste (these scents gave me crazy compliments )

    The next scent I want to sample is Havana Vanilla by L'Artisan Parfumeur.
    What is your opinion on this one? You think given my criteria I would like it?
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    Default Re: Havana Vanillia Vs. Etro Heliotrope Vs. Jaipur Homme Vs. Givenchy Pi

    I was thinking of getting Pi, myself. I might hold off to see what people say about others, since I have not smelled it myself. The reviews make it sounds enticing, tho.
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    Default Re: Havana Vanillia Vs. Etro Heliotrope Vs. Jaipur Homme Vs. Givenchy Pi

    I agree that Pi is too "synthetic." Heliotrope is quite good, but for me there should be less heliotrope and more spice, perhaps with something else to create more interest, such as a suede note. Jaipur Homme EdP still has too much heliotrope for me, but is a bit sweeter. It also seems to lose its punch quickly. My "go to" frag like this is Diesel Zero Plus au Masculin. The first 45 minutes or so is weird and not especially pleasant, but the drydown is nearly perfect. The only issue, which may be due to the nature of the ingredients, is that it doesn't project much. You can waft it around by waving your hand, but it doesn't come up much on its own. I bought a few back up bottles because I don't want to ever be without it.

    I haven't tried HV so I can't speak to it. Remember that heliotrope isn't vanilla. Neither is benzoin (nor tonka/coumarin), which also comes across as vanilla to a lot of people (Pi has heavy benzoin, IIRC). Histoire d'Eau is a frag with a strong vanilla note, but there is also dried fruit, spices, and suede (Daim Blond idea). Polo Double Black dries down to a nice interplay among vanilla, nutmeg, wood, and coffee notes. Shalimar Light is a complex frag with a clear vanilla note. Also worthy of consideration is Devotion for Men by Sabatini. Ciel Mon Jardin! has strong vanilla and rhubarb. Have you tried Fahrenheit 32? That's a real oddball but I can see why it would be liked by many.
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