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    Interesting. I'm a little jealous now, I wish Richwood smelled like a piece of sandalwood on my skin as well. The candied citruses up top are rather short-lived on me too, although to my nose vanilla & boozy patchouli, which is softened by some orris and sandalwood, dominate the scent. On me, the sandalwood takes a back seat as a scent and is present rather as a distinctive aura/feel of soft texture and quiet and graceful radiance. I can't imagine how sandalwood, being such a quiet & restrained note by nature, could overpower the other notes and stay up front, unless used in a copious quantity - consider yourself lucky To me Richwood is somewhat reminiscent of Coromandel with just a hint of rose instead of the chocolate and without the cheap generic woody-ambery base of the Chanel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phibess View Post
    To me Richwood is somewhat reminiscent of Coromandel with just a hint of rose instead of the chocolate and without the cheap generic woody-ambery base of the Chanel.
    Agreed - I felt the same way. It has gorgeous development. It's right up there with my favs from the line.
    I'm a colognosaurus. Rawr!

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    Am I the only one who thinks that Dhajala
    smells like a slightly sweeter Allure Homme?

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    phibess, you could well be right about a strong patchouli note though its profile is quite unlike any I have smelled, modulated no doubt by the Mysore sandalwood. But perhaps it's true that my skin tends to amp up the woods or perhaps I'm just hyperosmic to certain varieties of sandalwood. It won't be the first time...

    Btw I just sampled Lua earlier. I didn't like it at all. Smells pretty much like a higher end version of a generic female floral oriental particularly with the florals over cedar combo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondflame View Post
    Btw I just sampled Lua earlier. I didn't like it at all. Smells pretty much like a higher end version of a generic female floral oriental particularly with the florals over cedar combo.
    I have three XerJoff samples: Dhajala; Homme and Lua.
    Of those Lua is the best by far.
    As I stated before, Dhalaja smells like Allure Homme, and
    Homme smells exactly like Knize Ten.

    The smell of Lua also reminds me of some other frag, but,
    I cannot figure out which. It has a good nostalgic vibe.

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    I still need to wear Richwood again, but from my fisrt wore, i got mostly patchouli and sandalwood. It opens with a Coromandel-like patchouli, more woody and with that bitter chocolate nuance that some patchulis have, and then slowly transform it into a creamy woody sandalwood, which seems to be the real sandalwood, cause it smell like the fragrances from the past which used sandalwood. On me, seemed like a dance of two notes. It`s complex and simple at the same time, very intense and longlasting and very elegant.

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    I have a sample of Xerjoff Homme here, and a decant of knize ten, and i don`t think that they smell equal. They have similar styles, since both have that vintage leathery aura which seems to be lost in most of fragrances nowadays. But Knize ten has something powdery that i don`t get in xerjoff homme. I wouldn`t recommend at all one as the substitute of the other

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    Received my Xerjoff samples that I won from the Sorcery of Scent giveaway-- Xerjoff Homme, Irisss, and Lua.

    Yesterday I tested out Homme--- it is similar to Knize Ten, but also Cuir Ottoman--- longevity is decent, but I still find the former two a better buy. For me, it is really hard to top Knize Ten when it comes to leather fragrances. I sniffed Irisss, but have yet to give it a proper wearing--- from what I smelled it is almost identical to the mighty Iris Silver Mist from Serge Lutens, but I still need to give it a test drive.

    I sniffed Lua, and immediately decided that this one is beyond my comfort level when it comes to wearing a more 'feminine' scent. That being said, I let the better half appropriate this one for her side of the fragrance closet. Lua smells vaguely familiar (not sure to what), but it is a beautiful, and decadent floral that I will enjoy smelling on the lady.

    I normally don't fall for luxury perfume houses, but I will say, I do like Xerjoff's angle, and the bottles, well, they are fantastic. How cool is that that the Shooting Stars collections comes with a meteorite fragment in the presentation box??

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    I've also received my Xerjoff samples from the Sorcery of Scent giveaway. I got Xerjoff Homme, Irisss and XXY. I haven't given any a full wearing yet (I'm waiting for a good opportunity to give them my full attention), just sniffed them from the vial.

    I definitely see why people compare Homme to Knize Ten (which is a favourite of mine), although I see Homme as more focused on leather than KT (which has so much else going on), with a plusher, fuller feel to it, and lacking some of the animalic notes that make KT so thrilling. So far Homme is my favourite of the samples, and I really look forward to giving it a full wearing.

    Irisss is very interesting. I'm not incredibly familiar with how iris smells, though I'm definitely interested in getting educated on it - I think I can see it becoming a favourite note of mine (it's in some of my favourites, like Mouchoir de Monsieur and Patou Pour Homme Prive) - and this is part of the reason why I picked this sample when I won my choice of samples from Dimitri's blog. There's obviously a definite carroty smell - which I think I've heard forms a part of the smell of iris root - and I see they list carrot seeds in the notes list, so I imagine they've used this to amplify this particular part of the smell of iris. I'm intrigued to give this a full wearing.

    XXY didn't really grab me. But I'll give it a full wearing and see what it's like anyway.

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    Today i`m restarting to test my xerjoff samples, and i decided to pick Nio today. Nio has what seems to be the main object of Xerjoff fragrances: quality. They describe it as a unique fragrance, but to me is more of a classical theme made with good materials. It really has that fresh, citrus, natural face of Annick Goutal fragrances, but it seems to last longer than Annick Fragrances. The citrus opening is rich, slightly green and bittersweet, and last more than one hour on me. Then it fades to a spicy heart which seems to have something sightly citrusy too, ending in a classical woody base of salty patchouly and dry cedar. I have a deja-vu feeling with this one, seems very close to something that i tried before, and this is what i don`t like on it. I appreciate the quality of the citrus here, but i wouldn`t pay the price they charge on this one, considering that i wouldn`t have time to appreciate properly the bottle, which is responsible for part of the high price here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calero View Post
    Lua smells vaguely familiar (not sure to what).
    Yeah, doesn't it?! I can't quite put my finger on what it reminds me of either.

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    The fragrance of today, Dhofar, is the first Xerjoff that i really don`t like. Altough Nio, which i wore yesterday, was not my thing, i saw it a great, well balanced citrus fragrance, which puts the money on the effort of making the citrus last. Dhofar, however, is a complete disaster for me, and one that even the materials and care with quality cannot help. For me it seems like a forgotton 80s masculine formula of no particular interest. It`s a soapy carnation affair that the perfumer forgot to make it worth of something so pricey. The lavender that it contains only last a few minutes, when the fragrance goes straight to a carnation and soapy masculine floral fragrance. Feels a little bit crude, not so intense, altough it lasts properly. This one would be the one that i wouldn`t recommend to anyone. For something spicy, slightly soapy and interesting, i`d recommend oroville instead.

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    Trying today Kobe. I was going for Uden, but i was afraid of that one going too light and too citrus in a cold and rainy day which matches better with something stronger. Kobe is fantastic, the first masculine from the shooting stars that really seems different. And yes, this one is all about oud and citrus. An interesting marriage, and few will notice as an oud fragrance, cause this is not your tipical oud. I only know that i was detecting oud on this one due to an arabic oud fragrance that i friend send me a time ago. That oud had this same smell, of dry wood, something that reminds me the smell of a natural rope, with something slightly resinous on that. The citrus opening is different, has something of that bitter and sweet flowery contrast that few fragrances has. It reminds me of Elixir des Merveilles opening, but less sweet and more citrus and bitter. Then, the oud kicks in and this is all about the oud and the palisander wood, which brings a scent similar to wormwood to my nose, but without the green aspect that wormwood have. I can get a discreet sweetness coming from the background of the composition, but the star here is the oud and the citric notes. It has a great sillage, very different from the deception which was Dhofar to me. An unusual arabic-inspired fragrance, i applaud Xerjoff for taking this risk and producing it.

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    Kobe is great, my scent for this morning, followed by my favourite Xerjoff to date for later today which is NIO

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    Does anybody knows if that there is any connection between the notes listed in each of shooting stars collection and their names? It seems that every fragrance has the name of a city or placed related in a moment of the historie with a meteorite. I was curious to see if cultural or natural particularities of each place were considered when producing the fragrances...

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    Trying Oesel Today. Disappointing. My impressions:
    Oesel doesn`t make any sense at all inside of a coinosseur, luxury, expensive brand like Xerjoff. It`s just a commercial ideal done with superior ingredients which doesn`t add anything new to the original idea. It`s a copy of Fleur du Male, but with a less overwhelming floweriness. The orange flower and petitgrain are still strong, noticeable, but a subtler than Fleur. The amber is more discreet and the base seems to share the same discreet sweetness woody shape of Kobe, but more sweet and without incense. It`s a good fragrance, but it`s a copy of Fleur Du Male. I thought it would go in a different direction after the top notes, as most of xerjoffs do, but it doesn`t go. It`s disappointing due to the lack of originality in something so expensive. I wouldn`t pay so high on it.

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    The best Xerjoffs IMO are Richwood, Nio, Kobe, Uden and Modoc. I was greatly disappointed by Mefisto - I enjoy Montale Boise Fruite and Creed SMW far more.
    "Smell with your nose, not your ears."

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    Mefisto for me was a big let down as well. I like the smell, but unfortunately it only lasts about 90 minutes on my skin then fades fast. Fiero is a good one if you like spicy citrus, it lasts ages. I'm still waiting to get my hands on a sample of the two new ones from the Casomarati line as well as Richwood and Damarose, hopefully they will arrive soon and something will take my fancy

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    I'm glad Mefisto lasts a bit longer on me - I really do love it. I sold Silver Mountain Water and Hamptons actually since I enjoyed it so much more. I put it on at 8 this morning and it's still pretty noticeable on me (but that's probably because I spray both neck and chest).
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    Today, i`m finishing the sampling of my masculine options of the Shooting Stars collection. And the last one is Uden.
    For Uden, i saw that some reviews on net reference marine, calone, sharp, fresh rose notes. I don`t get any of these. Uden for me is neighbourhood between Gloria Cacharel and Allure Homme, so it seems very unissex. The opening seems like the citrus notes of Allure Homme, that tart-sweet lemon, just slightly better than allure homme. Then the lemon seems to be joined by a sweet, but not so gourmand, vanilla, and this vanilla is matched with a light boozy rum and a radiating amber. This one has that kind of generic beauty, that it`s still generic even if when done in a rich way. Not bad, but sincerely, it`s not the kind of thing that you would considering saving 300 dollars to buy a bottle.

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    Considering the 7 scents, i get a mixed impression of the brand. I think that the best ones make Xerjoff worth of being tried, while the weakest ones let you wondering if you really need them. I see two Xerjoffs here, one that knows how to do a classic theme with superior ingredients and a top execution, and other which seems more like Creed, Bond No 9, which copies massmarket ideas without even trying to improve them. And this for me it`s shameless, specially if you are going to charge your costumer 300 dollars for a 50ml scent.
    If I`d give notes and rank them, this 7 first would be like this:

    1. Kobe - 10/10
    2. Modoc - 9/10
    3. Oroville - 8.5/10
    4. Nio - 7.5/10
    5. Uden - 7/10
    6. Oesel - 7/10
    7. Dhofar - 4.5/10

    The only three that i would care having are the first three. I can see the quality in Nio, but it don`t impress me at all.
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    I`m reading the reviews here and I`m impressed that most of the basenoters that tried it consider very masculine, cause the radiance here of the base is close to what you find in gloria cacharel, ysl cinema and boucheron trouble legere, all feminine frags

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these Xerjoffs, Rick. I probably need to revisit some of them & decide if my impressions have changed, esp since I'm considering getting the intro package.

    Btw has anyone else tried iris-dominant Shingl?
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    Diamond, would like to see if your impressions changed - my opinion is that they always change if you test something again after a long period.

    Good to know that Shinql is iris dominant, i`ll put it on the top of the feminine shooting stars that i have the sample and need to try...

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    Today, I`m starting to sample what Xerjoff calls as the feminine fragrances of Shooting Stars collection. And the first one is Shingl.
    Shingl is a dream of carnation and iris for me. A cozy and warm dream of subtle sweetness and booziness over a classical spicy-iris heart. I don`t get any anise and bergamot at the opening, what i get seems to be like a good dose of a warm, dry carnation accord. Then the iris kicks in, in a dry and not flowery way, and their combination seems very guerlanish. As the scent dries on skin, you start to notice a creamy and sweet base of rum, vanilla and musk, which blends perfectly with the iris and carnation. I think this can be easily worn by men too. This one i enjoyed much more than Oesel and Uden.

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    Pretty good if you like those light breezy citrus based gourmands (vanilla, coffee beans, white rum), and have $300 to blow. The citrus notes are sort of orange-blossom floral, but very toned down. The rose, sandalwood and musk are almost non-existent. Think this will be more of a hit with the ladies than guys, smells a little too feminine. If you like Jean Claude Ellena's citrus transparent structures or By Kilian's Straight to Heaven, you might like this. Overall, not bad, but it's a pass. I don't think I'd like it any more (or $300 like) if I was a fan of gourmands.

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    Testing Dhajala today:
    The oriental basenotes of Dhajala seems to be what i detect most throught its evolution on my skin. They create for me a similar patchouli and amber combination which makes me think particularly of Prada Edp and Opium Pour Homme EDP. The difference is that what creates the patchouli-like aroma doesn't have the camphor facet and the amber seems not so loud, altough very noticeable, of a better quality here. I get a quick flowery citrus at the opening, which is almost a standard of this line, starting with something citrus. Then it goes to a spicy heart mixed with the galbanum, which is more green and grassy and lacks the bitter and difficult aspect of the note. Then, the base is all about resinous and woody notes. It's pretty good, but i already have and enjoy prada edp and opium homme edp, so i don't need this one.

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    Today testing Lua. Found this to be the perfect pair to Dhofar, in terms of uninteresting formula and waist of materials:

    A sweet floral fragrance that shares the flaws of the weakest Xerjoffs: good materials, no particular identity to justify the purchase. Lua starts fresh, slightly fruity and with something very discreet minty, and then it moves to a floral gourmand area. It`s all about rose and vanilla after the first minutes, with a spicy sweet touch of pink pepper. Lua starts uninteresting and ends uninteresting. I thought it`d be a heavy fragrance, but it`s not, it`s lighter than i expected. Lua is for me, like Dhofar, a waist of quality over a faceless formula.

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    Esquel is sold as a feminine fragrance, an unusual modern fougere with a "vintage" aspect. I expected it to be an aromatic lavender, which is not. It`s a men`s shaving-like aroma, or to be very direct, it`s an upscale version of Le Male, with less powdery-musky aspects and a woody warm discreet base that Le Male has. Some Xerjoffs you can almost see the briefing for them, an Esquel is one: "Give us a interpretation of Le Male. Women like it, some wear them, so take of part of the shaving aspect and make it more feminine". And for more feminine, they just put more vanilla and tonka, creating a nutty-vanilla warm base, that blens perfectly with the lavender and the herbs.

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    All the feminines that i tried seem to be created over vanilla and musk, on different directions. I think that, while this helps to create an identity, it`s one that could be perfected, considering the price that they ask for the fragrances. The feminine ones seem more commercial inspired than the masculine ones, and i don`t think that neither of them seem very gender-oriented, so anyone could wear them easily...

    If i would rank the feminines, it`d be like this:
    1. Shingl - 9/10
    2. Dhajala - 8/10
    3. Esquel - 7/10
    4. Lua - 6/10

    And giving notes to the entire collection, the ranks would be.

    1. Kobe - 10/10
    2. Modoc - 9/10
    3. Shingl - 9/10
    4. Oroville - 8.5/10
    5. Dhajala - 8/10
    6. Nio - 7.5/10
    7. Uden - 7/10
    8. Esquel - 7/10
    9. Oesel - 7/10
    10. Lua - 6/10
    11. Dhofar - 4.5/10

    If i would just consider the top 6 to evalute this line, i think the note would be something high, between 8 and 9, reflecting the quality of the materials, the consistency, the elegant signature. But the 11 tried makes me think of Xerjoff as 7, cause, altough there is an incredible quality of the materials used, some fragrances are similar with massmarket ideas more than they should be, considering the price asked for them and the position of something unique.

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    Today i decided to pick one Xerjoff that particularly impresses me - Xerjoff Irisss. I see the comparisons with other Irises scents, like ISM, Hiris, Bois d`Argent, Odori Iris, and i don`t agree that the Irisss is equal to them. Irisss is one of the most beautiful iris scents that i have ever tried. It starts with the carrot seed note which gives that raw, vegetal aroma, so similar to the opening of the Iris Silver Mist from Serge Lutens. But while Iris Silver Mist seems to me, like a lot of Serge Lutens fragrances, a saturation of iris trying to do a photographic approach of this note, Irisss seems more of an exercise of blending different iris facets in a smooth, silky interpretation, of a scent which lingers on your skin, but it`s more of a confident scent, more of an iris coinosseur experience. After the carroty aspects go, you get the soft powdery facet of iris, and, my favorite part, is when it goes to the base, which blends sweet, musky, creamy aspects. I never tried any other iris scent that goes to this kind of sweet which is not sweet, creamy and vanillic aroma. It fits like a glove the iris, not hiding the note, but adorning it in a respectable way.
    I wish that xerjoff did more scents like Irisss and Kobe; they are a proof that the company has high quality beautiful scents to be offered.

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    Yesterday i wore Elle, which didn`t surprised me, but wasn`t bad too:

    Elle is an ellegant fruity floral fragrance, where the floral part has a comfort milky floral thing. The effect is quite similar to the nutella-like aroma of miroir des envies, altough the two fragrances have nothing in common. Elle starts with a fruity opening, which seems predominant on redcurrant and blackcurrant. Then the scent goes to the milky floral part, ending in a musky-resinous sheer base. Elle would fit perfetcly a rich woman that needs a discreet but elegant fragrance to the events she goes. She would probably be the one who would accept paying so high for it.

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    Another fragrance which i strongly disagree with the general opinions here is XXY. I think it`s misleading to compare it with amouage gold, cause they have anothing in common. Also, i don`t think that XXY base is worked the same way as the feminines of the shooting stars, and don`t see any similarties with straight to heaven too. XXY seems like a modern chypre to me, faceless as most of the modern chypres, but well done. My review for it is:

    The name is odd, and if the name leaves you expecting something controversial, this is not the case. It seems that Xerjoff wanted to created an unissex hermaphrodite scent, but the result is more on what is offered to the femmes than to the hommes. XXY is an upscale version of the recent chypre genre. It takes an extra care with all the parts, the fruity, the floral, the patchouly and the musky one. The fruity is quick one me, and the sweet flower is what i get next and during a long time. The ylang-ylang here is less exotic than usual, lacking the rubber and camphor aspects that it can have some times. The patchouly is sweet, the musk is creamy and the base seems to last forever on skin. Even after a shower i could still get it. XXY has radiance, good balance, and a modern complexity.

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    Sampling again xerjoff richwood. My second try showed me some details that i didn't paid attention for the first time - the rose and the lemon. I was also complimented with this one today My impression of it is:
    This is one of the xerjoffs that have a rich aroma, which is totally adequate do the name and the price. Richwood is about not only sandalwood, as the description says, but it's also about patchouli too. The first aroma that you get is a woody and dry patchouly, in the same vein of Coromandel. But the difference is a citrus floral accent mixed with the patchouli. It's not dominant, but you can get a silky rose and a citrus accent softening and turn the patchouli a little bit more friendly. Different from Coromandel, Richwood goes to a cozy sandalwood base instead of a hard amber powdered base. This is a sandalwood of great quality, hard to see today, and it ties perfectly with the intense aroma that the patchouli starts this fragrance. This is one that shows the best that the brand can offer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickbr View Post
    Sampling again xerjoff richwood. My second try showed me some details that i didn't paid attention for the first time - the rose and the lemon. I was also complimented with this one today My impression of it is:
    This is one of the xerjoffs that have a rich aroma, which is totally adequate do the name and the price. Richwood is about not only sandalwood, as the description says, but it's also about patchouli too. The first aroma that you get is a woody and dry patchouly, in the same vein of Coromandel. But the difference is a citrus floral accent mixed with the patchouli. It's not dominant, but you can get a silky rose and a citrus accent softening and turn the patchouli a little bit more friendly. Different from Coromandel, Richwood goes to a cozy sandalwood base instead of a hard amber powdered base. This is a sandalwood of great quality, hard to see today, and it ties perfectly with the intense aroma that the patchouli starts this fragrance. This is one that shows the best that the brand can offer.
    Yes,yes,and yes again.

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    Sampling my last fragrance of the XJ7 line. Today is Homme. I`d say that this is their best male option available, if you like leathery fragrances, of course. A theme that i think a traditional approach is always welcome is leather, since there are few classical leather fragrances now. Xerjoff Homme, in my opinion, executes perfectly the Cuir de Russie theme, and because of this it make draw some parallel with Cuir de Russie from Creed, Knize Ten and La Treizieme Heure by Cartier. I think that there must be others, but are this three that occur me right now. From all the three fragrances, Homme comes close of Creed Cuir de Russie; both have the polish oily aroma at the beginning that makes you think of greased boots (Homme to my mom reminded her, when i applied of furniture polish). Maybe the lavender gives an additional touch for this polish/grease aroma that it`s not so easy to like. But if you wait, both fragrances goes in a dry leather surrounded by citruses. Cuir de Russie keeps more the polish aroma and the citrus part, but it gets very soft after some moments on skin, while homme gives you a strong polish opening and then goes direct for the citrus and leather part, living the citrus quickly. When it gets to the leather part, Homme reminds me at some moments of Knize Ten, having the rubbery part but lacking the powdery amber facet, and La Treizieme Heure, with something slightly sweet and woody supporting the leather aroma, but lacking the exotic tea touch. I think the price makes this not so easy to purchase, but it`s one of the best leathers that i have tried, which is complex, classic, but has at the same time a contemporany approach. Altough the parallels can make you think that this is not unique, i would say that the same thing that happens on irisss happens here, it`s the details that make it interesting, the perfect tune of some parts that seems to slip fast in other compositions.

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    Xerjoff seems to have dedicated more attention to their expensive XJ17 line than the Shooting Stars Collection. The XJ17 seems stronger, longlasting, without the fillers that Shooting Stars line has. I`d say that they should do it in 50ml sizes, they would be more 'affordable' and sell well. Cause, while i considering purchasing at least homme and irisss from this collection, i noticed that with the price of these frags i can buy at least 2 rare or exclusive guerlains or even 3 cartiers from the les heures line.
    But, leaving this apart, my rank on this line would be:

    1.Irisss 10/10
    2.Homme 10/10
    3.Richwood 10/10
    4. XXY 8.5/10
    5. Elle 7.5/10

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    Today i'm sampling xerjoff fiero. It went straight to my list of favorites from this line. My impressions of it are:
    Fiero is a very traditional spicy fougere on my skin. What i like about it is that the fougere-like aroma is not created using neither lavender nor clove, but instead of that a combination of aromatic herbs, citrus fruits and other spices. The citrus opening is dry and goes straight to a fougere heart, dry, green and spicy. When it goes to the base the aroma transform itself into a woody incensed thing, which is quite intriguing since there is any incensed note. From the Xerjoffs, this is one that has a strong sillage and longevity on me.

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    Hi rickbr, glad you like Fiero. It's one of my favourites from Xerjoff that I also use (my scent of the evening many times) and lasts ages, you can still smell it on your collar the day after. It reminds me a little of Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo and Parfumerie Generale Grand Siecle in some ways, but the Xerjoff lasts far longer on my skin. It's one I would buy again when my bottle runs out

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Craig, i haven`t tried those ones that you mentioned, but if they are on the same lines of fiero, i`ll like them a lot, and maybe they can be considered at more affordable options. The longevity of fiero is incredible in fact, i could still smell it on me at midnight yesterday.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    great reviews so far. Richwood sounds amazing!
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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    I revisited Uden today and my opinion of it has definitely improved. In fact, I think it's excellent! I get a sweet, almost sugared grapefruit opening which segues into a smooth grapefruit and rose.. yes, lots and lots of rose on my skin! The rum is present but it's just a sweet white rum, nothing spiced about it. The coffee note was very vague and has a bit of a metallic bitterness, and it joined with the inky and ever so slightly smoky guiac, and together they rose up alongside the rose note and created a sort of sweetish blood accord, but it was very very pleasant. Elegant, even.

    Cairo, I looked through the thread and maybe I just missed it, but I don't think the nose was ever listed for Uden. Do you know who it was? (It smells like a Jacques Flori creation to my nose, based on my experience w/ his other creations for Xerjoff and the distant similarities Uden has to Opus IV by Amouage).
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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Hi SoS... Sorry for the delay. I just noticed this question. Yes it is Jaques Flori who is the creator of this scent. Its a wonderful scent!

  44. #284

    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Homme and Kobe are both amazing! Just tried them and I was hoping not to like them because of the price. Now I feel like I need them.

  45. #285

    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Wearing Fiore dUlivo today.
    I find it kinda plastic smell. Reminds me 2000 Fleurs by Creed.
    Anyone get this connection?

  46. #286

    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    My mother loves Fiore d'Ulivo, certainly not a plastic smell on her. I've also smelt 2000 Fleurs and to me they are nothing alike.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Wearing Uden tonight, for the 1st time (sorry it took so long cairomerta)

    I smell the lavender and the marine notes straight away, a 'marine fougere' for sure. What a weird combination but it works. And combined with the citrus/musk top notes, it's slightly overwhelming when you first spray it on, but then the sweetness starts to increase ever so subtly and pretty soon I can clearly smell sweet vanilla, rum and coffee. The lavender (fougere) texture never really disappears on me, I clearly smell it, and since I love lavender notes it really enhances the scent.

    I remember smelling Gris Clair one day when I was baking in my kitchen and the combination of the two was addictive. Of course, now one can smell lavender and vanilla combined in lots of things (my favorite scent of Febreze shares these two notes) but Uden manages to still make them smell classy, refined and very well blended. I'm not that happy with the musks floating around in this one...I am usually anosmic to some musks but I can clearly smell the musk in Uden. It's sort of heavy in some whiffs, other times I smell it lighter.

    I would categorize this as an aromatic fougere/gourmand.
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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    I'm finding Nio to be bottled happiness. The opening is a green citrus which is pleasant enough. That morphs into one of the cleanest most unisex "spicy" accords I've ever tried.

    I'm a real sucker for this type of fragrance. This is another that might tempt me with a FB once my 15ml is finished.

    Quote Originally Posted by zztopp View Post
    Continuing with...


    Neroli, Calabrian Bergamot
    Cardamom, nutmeg, rose pepper, 'mysterious spicy notes'
    Cedar, Guaicwood, Patchouli, Haiti Vetiver

    An aromatic fresh/woody fragrance, Nio opens bright, lemony and leafy and showcases a peppery/spicy heart notes of Original Vetiver and the ilk will like this one. But while Original Vetiver further develops the green/leafy accord (with the spicy notes in the background), Nio brings spices to the forefront and pushes the citrusy/leafy notes to the background. But these aren't your typical spicy notes...while not listed, I get a clear coriander note that dominates Nio's heart notes. Also this isn't your typical coriander note smells starkly like the aroma of a real crushed coriander, with the freshness permeating its arresting spiciness (usually the focus is on just the spicy facet). I am assuming this is a unique distillation of the coriander oil that I atleast haven't experienced in any fragrance before.

    Cairomerta, can you confirm if Nio uses coriander/coriander seed oil and whether its a particular/unique type of distillation ? It could also be a new coriander aromachemical from Robertet not yet in full circulation.

    Overall, a quality light vetiver fragrance with a fantastic coriander note...fresh, woody, easy to wear.
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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Great to see another fan of Nio. Bottled happiness is spot on, it's my favourite from the Xerjoff line to date.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Xerjoff - XJ XXY (spray sample)

    I get a nice citrus and floral opening. Perfect balance. The topnotes are very strong.
    Overall, fantastic lasting power and sillage. Like the other Xerjoffs, very high quality.
    The perfumes have a brightness that I haven’t smelled before in other designer and niche fragrances.
    The price is quite insane but they manage to stand out in a certain way.

    The opening made me wonder why this is called unisex. I was expecting a huge floral drydown. After a short time, I was surprised to smell a prominent patchouli note that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Together with the patchouli, I also got a nice woody note. The fragrance was getting some masculinity.

    Now at this stage I thought I was becoming crazy. I swear I could smell l’Instant de Guerlain Extreme EDP from somewhere, but that was impossible since I was at home and my family wasn’t wearing any perfume. It took only a short time to realize that it was me. The patchouli, citrus and floral combination gave me a big l’IDGE EDP vibe, and I was 100% sure I could detect a cocoa / chocolate note. I checked luckyscent before I applied it and I didn’t say anything about cocoa or chocolate notes.
    XJ XXY Notes
    Bergamot, peach, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, black pepper, patchouli
    If I am correct, the other reviews haven’t mentioned a cocoa note but I’m not sure since I try to avoid reading reviews before I test anything. The reason for this is that I don’t want to be influenced. I want my take on it, starting from a blank page.

    So I was doubting my nose at this point and still the +/- 70% similarity with l’IDGE EDP was undeniable for me. Before writing this review, I checked the official Xerjoff site and to my huge surprise, they are talking about a “chocolatey patchouli”. So I guess I can trust my nose, lol!
    XXY reminds us that perfume, as is true of any art, is also an occasion for delight. XXY's beauty is joyful--one whiff of this extravagant, fruity potion and your mouth widens into a smile. Beyond the tart bergamot and juicy peach of its opening is a summer's garden of jasmine, iris, and ylang ylang given an edge by pepper. Chocolatey patchouli, sweet sandalwood, and vanilla anchor the composition, making it irresistibly delicious. Can happiness be bottled? XXY says yes.
    The chocolatey stage is for a short period of time and very faint. Plus it is only detectable in the sillage, I couldn’t detect it when smelling my arm up close. In the drydown, the patchouli and woods fade away and the fragrance morphs into a very floral and sweet concoction. Similar to the topnotes but without the citrus and quite some sweetness. Overall, I detect jasmine and ylang ylang as the florals. This fragrance is quite complex though. Would I pay $670 for a 100ml? No chance in hell.
    I have to admit that it was a lot of fun to test out, so I want to thank cairomerta for the samples!

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Xerjoff - Ibitira (spray sample)

    This is an EDP marketed towards women. It doesn’t happen a lot that I am wearing such a fragrance, but I gave it a full wearing nonetheless. This opens with a soft citrus and a bunch of florals. I mainly detect a beautiful iris note, nicely blended with rose. Not overly sweet, but there is sweetness. And that is where it stays the whole time. No big transitions and no huge sillage clouds like the other Xerjoff’s. Longevity is okay. This is very good nonetheless. Top notch ingredients. A very sensual potion for women that would definitely turn my head. I’m glad women don’t wear this around me, this is sexy stuff.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Finally i got around to wear Dhofar today and i am surprised at how good it is - a lavender/carnation fougere, very light, not too formal or feeling dated, slightly soapy. Sillage seems to be dialed perfectly. In fact i like it better than Invasion Barbare so far, but obviously will need to wear it more to get a clearer picture. No clue about final longevity, i've only worn it for 2hrs so far.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Awesome thread! Lots of great info here and i am just now getting introduced ot this line and love the first two that i've sniffed thus far.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Xerjoff - Lua (spray sample)

    A floral gourmand.
    This is marketed towards women and rightfully so IMO.
    It doesn’t happen a lot that I wear these kind of perfumes but I gave it a full wearing nonetheless.

    The first stage of the fragrance is absolutely beautiful. It opens up very fruity and sweet. Almost like bubblegum. Luckily, the perfumer did a great job to balance it out nicely so it’s still classy, although when you sniff it up close it has a slight bubblegum feel to it. The fruit notes are very realistic and delicious. It has a stunning melon note. The fruity notes turn down and the rose and iris take center stage. I get more rose than iris. The bubblegum feel is totally gone and it has the perfect amount of vanilla sweetness. Not cloying, just perfect. And that’s where it stays for hours, no more development. Longevity and sillage are good. The ingredients are very high quality. I could “taste” the fragrance at some points because of the sillage. Although it’s not overpowering and I did not overapply.

    I highly recommend this towards women. I’m 24 and I would really like to smell this on the females. It’s good for any age. Sexy and sensual. A real head turner.

    Is it worth the price? That is up to you. I’m only reviewing the perfume and I don’t care about the price relevance. Hell, none of them are worth the price but if this is in your price range, go for it. It certainly isn’t in mine, just check my wardrobe, lol.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Madoc- Powdery Citrus to me in a nutshell. Comes off very feminine. I do not see myself wearing this. I can see this as an elegant citrus for the right occasion.
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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Xerjoff - Dhajala (spray sample)

    Feminine for sure. Opens with a blast of fruit and florals. Everything is very pretty.
    Gets very sweet in the drydown, which are probably the balsams and the amber doing its work.
    When I smell my arm up close, I can smell some cheap and generic Calvin Klein-esque notes.
    So this is basically a cK fragrance where they added high quality balsams and florals to make it smell expensive.

    This is how I envision what a gold digger must smell like.
    The cK base as a reference to her past as a random girl.
    The rich florals and balsams coming into her life when she married the millionaire.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    I thought luckyscent had been carrying xerjoff for a while now. The only one that I've tried is Najaf and I love it. Jivehippo was nice enough to hook me up with a sample. Such a nice funky woody oud. I def look forward to trying some more shooting stars and some others like homme and fiero.

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    Default Re: Xerjoff Reviews Thread

    Thanks for bringing this thread back to life.
    My favorite is Ibitira, such a well crafted Iris-vanilla scent

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