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Thread: Italian Style

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    Default Italian Style

    Hello everyone!
    (My apologies if there is similar thread)

    I imagined this thread as a place where you can post your perfume associations that evoke Italian style of living and their culture, their fashion, urbanism, seductiveness, italian charm. They are known for their modern way of live on the north of the Italy and a more traditional one on the south...I don't need to mention that they are known as a good seducers
    You can look at the ingredients that come from the Italy also (bergamot, figs, etc.).
    So, the point is to write down a perfume that is "typically italian", that reminds you on italian life style or italian man/woman...

    I always imagine someone riding a Vespa and wears:

    Man: Moschino Uomo? & Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa

    Woman: D&G Light Blue

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Ha Uomo Moschino, the first time I sprayed it on me I imagined myself as a gigolo italiano.
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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Italian style instantly reminds me of CERRUTI . So ,for man I'm thinking at Cerruti-1881 and for woman Laura Biagiotti-Venezia

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    I forgot also; D&G Sicily and All from AdP Blu Mediterraneo collection

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Armani Eau Pour Homme
    Acqua di Parma
    Currently wearing: Zen for Men by Shiseido

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Hi APOM -

    I recently sampled Tom Ford Italian Cypress and Tuscan Leather. Both do an excellent job of reminding you of the Italian lifestyle.

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Fendi Donna - but they don't make it anymore.

    Kouros by YSL, the original. Obviously French but takes me back to Umbria every time I sniff it. It was ingrained in the sun-baked cobblestones of Urbino, along with romance and 1,000 years of love and hate.

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    D&G Pour Homme - Goes well with fashionable Italian clothing, cars, and also matches a macho attitude.

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    As previously mentioned, anything by Acqua di Parma as well as Armani PH, and, in addition to that, almost anything by Acqua di Genova and by Carthusia, also Gucci Nobile, Roberto Capucci PH and almost anything by Roccobarocco and, of course, by Versace- but especially L'Homme has a distinctly Italian vibe

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Laura Biagiotti Roma Uomo and when outside it's too hot Bulgari pour homme extreme.

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Don't forget the hair wax too

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Tuscan Leather

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Woman: Xerjoff Fiore d'Ulivo, Esquel

    Man: Xerjoff Homme or Mefisto, +1 on Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa

    Uni: +1 on the AdP Blu Mediterraneo line
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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Quote Originally Posted by paolo74 View Post
    Laura Biagiotti Roma Uomo and when outside it's too hot Bulgari pour homme extreme.
    I also wanted to say Laura B - Roma...except that is interesting bottle, it smells like that!

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Diesel - Fuel for Life quite Italian i think.
    But notes like bergamot, figs, orange blossom etc etc probably remind me different places in Italy but not Italian.

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    I love Italians and their style; cars, food, fashion design. I guess Acqua di Parma, Etro, L'Occitane, Gucci, Armani and Prada fragrances give the best examples of Italian sophistication and refinement.

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    What about some old school powerhouses:
    Fendi Uomo
    Trussardi Uomo
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    Default Re: Italian Style

    I love early 60s Italian Cinema. Marcello Mastroianni is the quintessential Italian Cool Cat. I think he'd wear ADP Colonia

    Recommended Movies:

    Divorce Italian Style
    8 1/2

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    Default Re: Italian Style

    Anything from Soprani (It's a big deal there.)

    My 'Unsung Treasures' thread is basically a tribute to Italian classics, which are my favorite.

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