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    Default Call it a mid life crisis.

    I reached into the back of my closet and found an old bottle of Polo, Escada Puor Homme, Aramis Havana, DKNY Men, Hermes pour Homme, Claiborne, Aqua Di Gio. Yeah, these are old original purchases or gifts that have stood unused.

    See I am trying to pull myself together and want to be more today. Without going into personal history may I ask for some help in choosing a new cologne?

    I've been reading and researching these old colognes I ave/had. I booted all of them except for the Escada and Havana the others had turned, wilted, faded. Well that's a lie I also kept the Polo, I'd never wear it. Just, well you know.

    Of these scents I liked the Hermes, Escada and Havana the most but think that the Escada is too 'sophisticated'? and the Havana too machismo. Both of these have good longevity on me. So I bought a bottle of Issey Miyake, which i like but a bit pedestrian if I read the forum and longevity is ok.

    I have ordered like 8 samples of Creed to see what a 'real' perfumer creates. I am disappointed with the longevity on my skin but some of the scents are excellent. I like the GIT (a nice all around scent if not instantly reminiscent of Grey Flannel) , EROLFA (fades almost instantly but very nice) and Himalaya (which seems it can be confused with other scents). Milleseme Imperial and Tabarome Imperial are good but not what I want to smell like.

    So can you help point me to a scent based on my liking of Green Irish Tweed, EROLFA, Himalaya , Issey Miyake, Hermes. that has longevity, is distinctive, attractive, clean, has medium sillage? is that correct?

    I'm not a fragrance connoseur I dont have a big collection but would like the help of those with expertise to help direct me.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    Issey is a fine scent. I wore it for years and still wear it on occasion. The issue that comes up with some of the scents like Issey and Aqua di Gio is that they are so popular you don't feel like you stand out. I've noticed that both Issey and AdG sell so well, their gimmick is now to come up with novel packaging, like Issey bottles in faux concrete or wood. Many people in here do not like the modern, lighter aquatic frags. It's all opinion and taste.

    Poke around in here awhile and give us a little more input about what you're looking for- light; modern; masculine; mature; dark; heavy.

    Do you want it to project or stay close to skin?

    Also: budgetary concerns. Some of the suggestions will be super pricey if we don't know what kind of change you're looking to lay out. You're looking at Creeds, so I think we can presume thrift is not your primary concern.

    Are you looking for a couple of scents? Just one "go to" scent? Is scent for work, play or does it need to be versatile enough for both.

    Sorry to pepper you with questions, but give us a bit more to go on.

    There's a ton of frags out there and ton of opinions in here.

    Green Irish Tweed is a rock solid choice for sure. It is often compared to the much, much more reasonably priced Cool Water, but it is worth its extra cost imo. Debates about this can rage.

    Polo is great scent too. Problem I have with that one is that it was the Aqua di Gio or Issey of its day, and I fear it would conjure up too many memories for people.
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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    Welcome to Basenotes, Zero!

    The definition of what you call "today" is really relative. Try not to define yourself by what you wore, but what you truly enjoy wearing.

    I have been wearing the same scents for ages...and also enjoy some new scents.

    Sample some, keep some, discard some, but keep true to your personal tastes. That is *true* style--not wearing what everyone else is wearing. It is true that we tire of scents, just as with clothing.

    Wearing an old, forgotten scent is like "rediscovering" that old blazer hiding in the back of the closet and wearing it again with a new shirt or new tie!
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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    Green Irish tweed smells similar to cool water and chez bond by bond #9 you should look at them. Versace Fraiche isn't bad, most aquatics will do you well, bvlgari acqua , acqua di gio,etc.

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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    Thanks for the replies!

    After doing a test on my skin. Again. The Tweed seems to last the longest of the Creed's I've tried. Cost isn't that much of an issue I dont plan on buying a bottle a month. I'd rather pay for quality and not to run into anyone else wearing the same thing. I have modern contemporary tastes but timeless.

    I want to first sort out an everyday, professional, casual, 'me', scent. Oh and by 'today' I meant contemporary or modern not popular.

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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    Well, GIT is from the mid 80s. It's probably a bit of a classic. It's a good versatile scent. it's pretty popular in here, it's not so prevalent in the real world that you'll run into many others wearing it. But, there is the Cool Water dilemma.

    In the contemporary "designer" world, most scents are light, aquatic or gourmand right now. In the niche world, it's a bit harder to get a fix on "contemporary." Many houses have their own style that lives outside of that term.

    While I'm a big fan of many Creed scents, we need to broaden your horizons to other niche and/or designer offerings. They have the biggest rep, and it's likely what drew you to them initially. Me too. GIT was my introduction to high end niche. They have some recent scents that might be considered "today:"

    Millesime Imperial /Original Santal / Original Vetiver / Silver Mountain Water

    Many of their other scents like GIT, Bois du Portugal, Himalaya, Royal English Leather, Tabarome Millesime are very much in their overall "style."

    I have a tough time suggesting the best "today" scents- there's a lot of them. You reference "mid life crisis" so I gather you haven't been wearing scents in awhile and want to make sure you don't buy something that "dates" you (aka Polo). The thing with this place is that many of us look beyond when a frag was issued and judge it on whether we like it.

    I would hope some others will weigh in with some suggestions on "today" scents. Most will likely be designer scents, but I hope you'll hang in awhile and learn more here. There is no better place.

    Part of what you'll need to develop is your own frag personality. Having passed through the "mid life" phase awhile back, I get your concern. When you get some more knowledge and testing of frags under your belt, you'll find your way.

    I hope this isn't a frustrating reply...

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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    Thanks again. I am wondering if the samples I purchased were old and causing the quick dry down of the fragrance. The EROLFA litterally lasts maybe 1/2 an hour. Which seems to be the shortest with GIT and Himalaya the longest. I may need to see if I can get a sample direct. Or swing by Saks to try it out in person.

    Yeah I used to wear Polo but shudder to where it again. We move on.

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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    Tough to say. I find those Creeds are a finicky lot on the longevity front. Erolofa is one their lighter scents, and I have always had longevity issues with lighter scents. I tried AdG today for the first time and feel like I'm not wearing a thing. Millesime Imperiale a little short lived on me too though I like it a lot. I don' have a lot of experience with it, but Himalaya is enjoyed by many.

    One of the problems I have with the most contemporary scents is that many are very light. So if longevity is an issue, you may have to walk a line between "modern" and something that lasts.

    Aqua di Gio is a fine scent. But I'm seven hours into wearing it, I have applied it twice, and I got nutin'
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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    green irish is good for daily wear, it's high calibur and is classy. i personally love virgin island water by creed but you need to try that you may not like the coconut and white rum smell.

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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    Try Geranium Pour Monsieur by Frederic Male

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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    If you like Himalaya, check out Paco Rabanne XS. They are VERY similar, and I prefer XS. It's MUCH cheaper too.

    Bvlgari Aqva would be a must try too.
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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    I'll take a trip over to sephora to see whats on the shelves. I'd like to recheck the Hermes line. And see what the Bulgai blu and aqua are like.

    I wore the Escada pour homme today and it's just not me. It's nice but smells of trying too hard. I hadn't smelled the Miyake pour homee since buying the creed samples and it's too floral and unisex, even though being marketed as pour homme.

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    Default Re: Call it a mid life crisis.

    I have feeling you might enjoy Creed Original Vetiver for 'day at the office'.
    For evenings you could amp it up a couple of notches with Chanel Sycomore. Both are classy refined scents IMO.
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