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Thread: Ginger ?

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    Default Ginger ?

    So, I'm here in Maui sniffing dried up ginger flowers in the wild. i'm now not so sure what 'ginger' means in fragrance. I always assumed it was the sharp, spicy note (which i don't like), but then there is ginger as a floral note (white, red and blue ginger)

    the floral note i LOVE, but the spicy and gourmand notes not so much.
    Does anyone know if ginger as a floral note is called something else, and if it is all lumped together, which fragrances feature ginger the floral note? I'm really loving htis scent out here.

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    Default Re: Ginger ?

    Jo Malone does a Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, but if I remember correctly, the actual fragrance is more akin to ginger + lily rather than ginger lily.

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    Default Re: Ginger ?

    BayKAT I'm not sure if they are all lumped together or not .I tried entering ginger in the notes pyramid and it came up with 199 scents ! Looking at one of them it listed ginger orchid- maybe this helps? By the way,while you are in Maui you may want to pick up a few different fragrances .I lived on Oahu in my teens and stupidly thought that each of us (mom,grams,me)should be the ONLY ONE to have a any one scent.Example:me:Sunflowers,mom:Pleasures,gramsmbre rose.Well there was a hawaiian fragrance line that had something ginger, a tuberose, pikaki flower?,possibly 2-4 more. They were nice florals,we found them in the P/X and off post at Hilo Hattie's (?)and possibly the drug store. I hope you can find them /that they still make them -we moved to the South in 1999.
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    Default Re: Ginger ?

    Annick Goutal's Le Jasmin is a no-holds-barred jasmine! It's a dominatrix jasmine because of the sharp, piercing, almost masculine-like ginger. It's a very, very different take on jasmine and the ugly duckling of the Goutals. Onda also has ginger listed in its notes. Of course Onda is sweaty, animalic, rotten and probably in my all time top ten.

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    Default Re: Ginger ?

    bayKAt, stop bragging you are in Maui....just kidding! and jealous!I'm glad you posted this thread because I like the idea of the gourmand note, but it's usually played too heavy, and so prefer the floral note. Hope you gets lots of suggestions so i can order samples and find the perfect ginger.

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    Default Re: Ginger ?

    Cabotine by Gres is supposed to be based on the ginger lily. I had a friend in the 90s who wore this exclusively and it was very distinctive - quite unusual .

    Extract from -re. Cabotine.

    "At IFF, Cabotine is considered as a case history of the power of a good fragrance. Its sales are still excellent, despite the light advertising and promotional support. Cabotine's innovative spicy-green floral accord became the inspiration for such fragrances as Touch, Fleur de Rocaille and Tendre Poison. "Every note is orchestrated around the ginger lily, but first, you have to create an introduction which will appeal to the imagination."A white, large-petalled flower, the ginger lily is native to the Himalayas. In the cold windswept mountain passes, it flowers for only a few weeks during spring. It had never been used in perfumery before, because each flower blooms and dies within a few hours, making it impossible to extract the oil. It was not until IFF's pioneering researcher, Dr. Braja Mookherjee, used his new "living-flower" technique to analyse the oil, that the flower yielded its secret. He enclosed the flowers in a little airtight bag, and forced the fragrant air through a small filter, designed to absorb the flowers' perfume oil. Even though the yield was microscopic, it was sufficient for Mookherjee to analyse the chemical construction of the "living"perfume. From this "perfume print", he was able to duplicate the fragrance, and produce its oil in commercial quantities. For its debut as a perfume, the ginger lily flowered in Cabotine. "
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    Molton Brown do a bath range called Heavenly Ginger Lily, now I have a thought they do a edp in it too?
    Admit its not one of my favourites from them so don't pay attention. Molton Brown used to be on QVC UK and every special value had a Heavenly Gingerlily bath foam. I grew to hate the stuff and used to give away as presents.

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    Default Re: Ginger ?

    I'm with you, the ginger flower smells marvelous!

    Avon used to have Hawaiian White Ginger-- there is still lots on eBay but it probably has altered as it would be decades old by now.
    I see there is a Royal Hawaiian White Ginger perfume but have never smelled it. Apparently white ginger is also known as awapuhi-- you might find perfume under that name.

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    Default Re: Ginger ?

    Aloha BayKAT - hope you are still enjoying every moment of your trip to my beautiful home state!

    Some time ago, I wondered about the blossom of the ginger plant, too. I think that it's called "ginger lily". My mom used to have some of these plants growing by the side of her house. They have a delicate white petal. Not sure what it's like dried (as you mentioned).

    Have you seen (smelled) the Micronesian ginger lei yet? Most of the better flower/lei shops have them..

    "Ginger" in fragrance is often the ginger root, I think. The root is very aromatic, and it's pretty much essential for most East Asian cuisines (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.).

    I've had a hard time finding the ginger flower in fragrance. I have a sample of the Gres Cabotine that dear Mysticknot suggested, but it's very loud on me. I tried a little bit of the Trish McEvoy scent (I think it's something like "mandarin and ginger lily". It was similarly very loud.

    You might try Saffron James' line. I think she's originally from Hawaii, and all of her scents are centered about a tropical floral note. 'Ume is the one that's supposed to feature the "white ginger".

    I did a quick search & was reminded that FM Lys Mediterranae has the ginger lily as a prominent note. I have to go home and try my sample again..

    While you are here, you might try to sniff the puakenikeni. It's a cream-colored flower that turns into a beautiful gold. Cream color, creamy floral. Beautiful...

    Have a wonderful trip!

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