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    Default So I found a nice set of fragrances I like, but which to wear!?

    After doing some reading here, I hit the mall and did some scent testing. I ended up walking away with a couple more scents to add to what I already had. My only problem now is I am not quite sure how to match the scents to occasions/seasons. Looking at the list I feel like I hovered towards night time scents rather than casual scents, but some input would be great! It may help to also mention I am 22, a tshirt/jeans casual guy, and live in Los Angeles (I mention that for seasonal purposes).

    So here is my list:
    Joop Jump
    Armani Code
    CK Euphoria
    Azzaro Visit
    Rochas Man
    Lacoste Essential
    Nautica Voyage
    Lolita Lempicka au masculin
    Salvator Ferragamo Tuscan Soul

    I need to match these up with:
    +University related items
    -large auditorium lectures midday (300ish people)
    -midday/evening teaching workshops (40-50 people breaking up into smaller groups)
    -evening graduate work with a few dozen people
    +Casual wear to work which can double as just daily casual since I bounce around
    +Dive Bars
    +Romantic dates
    +Evening casual dates
    +Interviews for internships

    and whatever else you all can think of I might want to know, especially if scents can be used for multiple things so I don't feel like a tool wearing a scent to work and then running off to a bar, or from class to a date. I know it is asking a bit much, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Only ones I feel very comfortable wearing are Lacoste Essential and Armani Code since I have had them for a while. I use Lacoste daily for spring/summer warm days, and Code for romantic dates and clubs. Rest I am really just messing with and honestly have no idea!

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    Default Re: So I found a nice set of fragrances I like, but which to wear!?

    IMO there is simple rule: Use fresh/unoffensive fragrances (euphoria, visit, essential, nautica, ferragamo) for daily wear and strong/sweat (joop, code, rochas, lempicka) for evening/clubs or cold weather

    If you are not comfortable with using some (even if you like them) just give them to friend or use when you dont feel for anything particular. I smelled just half of scents you posted but I would use Euphoria/Lacoste to school, Rochas as romantic, Lempicka + Code to clubs & Nautica on the beach
    Currently wearing: Visit by Azzaro

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    Default Re: So I found a nice set of fragrances I like, but which to wear!?

    Visit seems like a much more romantic night scent, no?

    And the generalizations help, but I couldn't imagine wearing Lempicka in the evening while doing research at a University. I definitely figured it was good club wear though. I also couldn't imagine wearing Lacoste for an interview on a professional level. In fact school and work are the two areas I really only am concerned with. Night time wear I feel fine wearing most of what you mentioned, as well as Visit. I also feel fine wearing Nautica at night up in Santa Barbara at the beach bars, or Essential on a real hot summer night. I just don't want to look like an ass wearing an extremely out of place/unprofessional cologne in a setting like work or in front of my thesis advisor.

    I feel comfortable wearing the fragrances in safe settings (i.e lacoste for school, lempicka at a club, rochas at a bar), but I am trying to expand my ideas of where I should and should not wear them. I only don't feel comfortable because I feel uninformed. I am new to fragrances and having some reassurances and information as I am seeking here helps me realize what I should or should not do, and therefore feel comfortable in doing so.

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    Default Re: So I found a nice set of fragrances I like, but which to wear!?

    What would you recommend for a job interview? My first high paying job. And how about doing University work at night? Don't want my thesis advisor, interviewer, or research partners aware of my apprentice level fragrance knowledge.

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