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    Default Strawberry in Frances

    Do you know some fragance with
    noticiable Strawberry note ?
    My Top Favorites:Guerlain Vetiver, Houbigant Fougere Royale , Kilian-A Taste of Heaven.Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur. YSL River Gauche. Diptique-Eau de Lavande. Creed Bois du Portugal.Nicolai New York. Hermes Poivre Samarcande.Amouage Homage Attar. Amouage Memoir Man,,Musc Ravageur.
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    Default Re: Strawberry in Frances

    Estee Lauder's Pleasures Delight is a favorite of mine - a charming blend of lively florals, patchouli and strawberry meringue...well, the official notes say "strawberry meringue" but to me it's fresh and bright strawberry's sweet, but not overly sticky. The strawberry note is unmistakable.

    Miss Dior Cherie is also known for its berry notes, strawberries and cherries I believe, but I haven't sniffed this one yet so I can't comment, just point you to it. Another one I'm not familiar with is Hanae Mori by Hanae Mori - it apparently features strawberry and I've heard some good things about it, too.

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    Default Re: Strawberry in Frances

    I do like Hanae Mori and it's strawberry note very much.

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    Default Re: Strawberry in Frances

    Ralph Lauren Wild, Montale Mukhalat and Fragonard Just un Baiser all have wild strawberry notes. You can get samples of all three on

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    Default Re: Strawberry in Frances

    Oh and Black XS

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    Default Re: Strawberry in Frances

    Dior Miss Dior Cherie +1
    Hanae Mori +1
    Escada Ocean Lounge
    Ed Hardy

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    Default Re: Strawberry in Frances

    Ambre Sade by Nez Nez.

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    Miss Charming by Juliette has a gun...can't quite remember if it's strawberries or just berries!
    And + 3 (or whatever) on the miss dior Cherie.
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