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    Default Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

    I posted this before, but it seems the title didn't enticed many views. Here's my last try here.

    Well, here's the story. My girlfriend likes to wear Cuba Gold, which I can stand on her, basically because I like her very much. But let's say that I intend to give her something of better quality, but without deviating too much from her current taste, and I would like some advice.

    About her: she is a 30-something teacher, and a fantastic ballroom dancer. She's slim and very elegant, intelligent, and she dresses in a tasteful but discreet/simple manner.

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

    Hi, Smeller!

    If she likes sweet orientals with a touch of tobacco, may I recommend Sage Machado Onyx. It's sweet, but with depth and sophistication, and doesn't smell like a cigar.

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    Default Re: Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

    Well, tough to call, but I'm going to suggest one of my favorite orientals - Teo Cabanel's Alahine. It has some lavender in the opening, as is ambery in the drydown, but never sweet. This possibly would be too dry compared to Cuba, but it did come to mind as a beautiful, mature option.

    Also, you could try Chergui, and maybe even Roma. Not totally similar to Cuba, but sweet in a different way. Roma also starts minty spicy, but dry down is turns orangy ambery.
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    Default Re: Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

    Wow, ladies thanks for the quick responses.

    I see that the suggestions are tending for the niche side, and I'm sure they are great, but how about mainstream options that I could easily find at a department store (like Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, Lancôme, Cacharel, YSL, etc.) ?

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    Default Re: Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

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    Default Re: Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

    I'm sorry, I didn't even glance at your other thread because of the title, "If she likes Cuba Gold, she would also like..." I thought to myself, "I've never heard of this, so I probably can't help." Well, I could have tried a little harder. I read reviews of Cuba Gold (it's a men's fragrance, yes?) and pretty much everyone says it smells like JPG Le Male, but more subtle. That doesn't really help me either because I'm more familiar with Fleur du Male and I don't like powdery scents. So I'm just going to recommend some orientals, or scents with a good dose of vanilla or an overall creamy smoothness.

    Shalimar-- Like, duh and 'nuff said, right? But I'll keep going anyway.
    Cartier Basier du Dragon-- Spicy, woody patchouli with creamy almond and amber. Gorgeous bottle.
    Hanae Mori Magical Moon-- Incense, vanilla, musk. Nice complexity and not heavy.
    Escada Magnetism for Women-- Fruity-floral, but not too sweet, with a solid oriental base of spices, amber, woods, and some vanilla.
    Chopard Wish-- Vanilla, sandalwood, and some patchouli. Often likened to Angel, but without the licorice, chocolate, and over the top funky gourmand-ness. Cute bottle too.
    Givenchy Amarige Mariage-- I'm recommending this one since the weather is warming up and I think it's a really nice floral scent for people who like vanilla, but might find most orientals to be too heavy for spring and summer.
    Eau des Baux Woods and vanilla. A men's fragrances, but many men don't like it because of the vanilla, and many women who like woodsy scents think it's great. Truth is, I'm not a big fan of vanilla myself, but it's really nice here.

    You didn't mention a price point, so I stayed away from niche and more obscure fragrances. I hope these recommendations get you started. If I had to choose one from the bunch, I'd say the Cartier. But I really think she'd like the Escada too. Okay, I'm outta here!

    edit: I just saw your follow up, so I really hope you can find something here.
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    Default Re: Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

    Another nice first, but you can buy it for like 40 bucks: Sacrebleu.

    A couple of totally underrated Oriental suede scents I like are Jil Sander's Style and Stylessence, and theay can be found affordably online. Style is a creamy, sueded amber scent, and Stylessence has a more sultry, night time "perfumey" quality with a similar suede drydown. Both are very sensuous. Style is all over American ebay now, and I even saw a big tub of matching body cream for like 20USD. They were made by JC Ellena's son, too. They are VERY good.

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    Default Re: Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

    Thank you very much, I'm keeping notes of everything, ladies...

    an_oud_girl, that was a terrible title for a woman fragrance's thread, wasn't it? Well, I would love to smell Shalimar on her, but I suspect this would be a huge step from now... But Le Baiser du Dragon sounds really good, and perhaps Escada Magnetism also. I think the Cartier could be exactly what I'm searching for it, sounds like it would smell really good on her and I would appreciate...

    The Amarige Mariage I know from a sample, but if I remember well, there was some floral element on it that I found a bit too loud. I don't know, perhaps on her it would assume a different character...

    Hillaire, your Style/Stylessence recomendations are also very tempting, but I will have to do a research on them, since they're not readily available at my area. Perhaps a blind-buy in a long term would not be a bad idea, if I find the right price. The Sacrebleu review I'm reading here says it's very fruity... but I'm intrigued also.

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    Default Re: Please help me to choose an oriental for my girlfriend

    REAL orientals may be too heavy for her taste. Serious... I'd give you some suggestions, but I think those would totally scare her, she seems more like a floral girl. Well, try with an easy chypre. Try... Salvatore Ferragamo for women (the twisted bottle), it's not exactly foral, not exactly chypre. And I think she might consider it a bit oriental.
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