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    Default "Dragon's Blood" by Mama Bear's

    Review here

    Manufacturer page here

    Manufacturer description:

    "This mysterious, alluring blend is difficult to describe. With warming notes of amber, incense, Madagascar vanilla and patchouli, our Dragonsblood is lightened up with layers of romantic notes such as rose, jasmine and lilac. Finally, this sensual, deep blend is topped off with the colorful, light touches of blood orange and grapefruit"

    I can definitely identify incense, vanilla, florals, and grapefruit (implying citrus). It doesn't seem to lose anything as it calms down, which is actually strange....

    Anyway it's my current favorite and yet... not in my wardrobe!

    The bottle and shave soap are both labeled "Dragon's Blood" so I chose that over the inconsistent labeling on the manufacturer's site.

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    Default Re: "Dragon's Blood" by Mama Bear's

    A very interesting and unique scent. Smells like you are eating a creme brle in one hand, holding a bouquet of flowers in the other hand and sitting in an incense filled church. Great price and lasts forever on me. Proves that you don't always need to spend $200 to get something special.

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