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    Default Layering Name Brand frags with Essential Oils

    Do any of you guys do this regularly? I just tried putting 1 drop of Rose EO, 1 drop of Bergamot EO, 1 light spray of Quorum and 1 light spray of L'Instant de Guerlain on my wrist and rubbed my arms together and on my neck and it smells great. I admit Quorum is a sort of cheap scent, but it smells pretty good for a spicy/woody frag (plus I don't have a large selection yet).

    Admittedly, the mix is a little strong and I might try diluting the EOs before doing it again, but I'm curious if this type of "layering" is part of anyone's routine.

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    Default Re: Layering Name Brand frags with Essential Oils

    Yep, I layer frags with essential oils regularly.
    Most of my favourite scents are patchouli based, so I layer them with patchouli oil to enforce the scent. Sometimes ,for special occasions, I use oud oil to add this wonderful note to them.
    Cause I don`t prefer intrusive sweet or floral scents I`ve got no experience in layering with the suitable oils.
    This practice is a great deal to boost and/or change the quality of a scent.
    Go on, be creative, make your experience!
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    Default Re: Layering Name Brand frags with Essential Oils

    I really liked the two drops of Bulgarian rose and Fumerie Turque on top... it makes it bright and bewitching, which FT itself is not to me.

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    Default Re: Layering Name Brand frags with Essential Oils

    I love to layer Tsar with frankincense .

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