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    Quote Originally Posted by StylinLA View Post
    Haven't gotten much feedback when wearing it. It's just my opinion, but this isn't the sort of scent that begs compliments. A bit cool and aloof..

    A fairly discreet scent I'd say..
    I think there's a difference worth noting here. The reason you (and I) don't get many compliments is because nobody can smell it! The sillage is so small that only people who get REAL close can experience it.

    That being said, as I described in another thread recently, I went on a date recently that included a long hug at the beginning and she absolutely couldn't get over how good I smelled with Windsor. She must have said it 3 times over the course of the night. Night ended with much more than a hug so I'd give it a thumbs up! ;-)

    I know a lot people consider it a dressy and upscale scent... but I find the rose and pine combine to make it a very romantic and relaxed scent. Can be dressed down in jeans and a polo and be very sexy, or can be paired with a suit to exude class. Extremely versatile. I wouldn't box it in to the same category as, say, Vintage Tabarome.
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    Both longevity and sillage are in the low range. Not as bad as a mostly natural citrus cologne, but (in my experience) it is hardly noticeable without relayering, after somewhere between 2.5 to 4 hours, sometimes it's hard to tell. Its best bloom, both in terms of presence but also of quality is within the 30 to 90 minutes period after application. Remember that the slogan it's been launched with was "Royalty needs not shout". People won't necessarily notice Windsor or, when they do, might even think it's kind of "simple," which it most definitely isn't.

    On advice from some BN-ers, I tried "over"spraying (which for me meant trying once five sprays of Windsor, which I never do with perfumes, except for Citrus Bigarrade or Bois de Cedrat or Eau de Guerlain). It became a lot more noticeable of course (and being of such quality it never descends into being insulting, like other oversprayed perfumes) but, you know what?, I did in fact not enjoy it better. I think that a certain discretion and subtlety is an intended part of the nature of this masterpiece, which I wear with great pleasure for myself rather than for the world.

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    i also have windsor, pm me and we can possibly work a trade.

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    I really liked it when I tried it, but obviously it is one I will never own.....too bad.
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