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    Default Vetivers: Goutal v. Different Co.

    I'm wondering if anyone who has experience with both these vetivers can tell me if they are similar. I own the Different Co.'s version and find it salty, slightly marine-y and good. The descriptions I've read about Goutal's version make it sound similar. Are they? Can someone offer some insight about how these two stack up?
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    Default Re: Vetivers: Goutal v. Different Co.

    I have and love both and find them quite different. Goutal's Vétiver is stronger, smokier and "darker".
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    Default Re: Vetivers: Goutal v. Different Co.

    Yes mate, I think they both smell similar and therefore it would be redundant to have them co exist in the same wardrobe.

    Sel de Vetiver smells just like dried salt would smell on skin. Almost perfect as this is what the perfumer had in her mind when she started out creating this.

    Annick Goutal vetiver is slightly more marine and smells a bit raw. The iodine note is quite sharp in this.

    Coincidentally both these vetiver bottles arrived with me on the same day & I could not escape seeing their duplicity.

    Out of the two I find SDV more well behaved and rounded. Goutal is like a wild, backpacking sibling of SDV.

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    Default Re: Vetivers: Goutal v. Different Co.

    I own, and wear both versions of this Vetiver fragrance, and the differences are not greatly far apart. Both contain a seaside salty accord, which I find a little more pronounced in AG's offering. Also in AG's offering I can also detect a definite hay like accord which I do not find to be off putting at all, in fact lends itself perfectly to the salty accord that is found. I find Sel de Vetiver to be a little fresher perhaps.All, and all I find both to be similar, but I prefer AG's version a bit better. Longevity on both I find to be outstanding, and both seem to wear close to the skin. At least on me it does. Hope this helps a little.
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    Default Re: Vetivers: Goutal v. Different Co.

    I own and wear both.
    And find them distinctively different takes on the same theme - VETIVER.
    I should mention reformulation of AG - now it`s more fresh and comes closer to TDC, but my old bottle has not only marine-iodine notes, some citrus and pepper, but also some powdery accord (carnation or immortelle or tonka) which reminded me of Sables.
    TDC has more citrus notes (grapefruit) with soapy accent (aldehydes), it has flowery notes in heart (geranium) and its sillage is mostly vetiver.

    So, if you take modern AG and TDC and spray on your forearms, they will smell pretty same - but only after some 3-5 hours.
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    Default Re: Vetivers: Goutal v. Different Co.

    Yeah, I think they have very different vibes. I tried AG because it was recommended as a scent similar to scotch whiskey, and it totally fits the bill. TDC however is a light, bright vetiver. Both are awesome!

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