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Thread: Perfume oils?

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    Default Perfume oils?

    I went to Egypt and did what any good perfumista would do: spent too much money on perfume oils. Oh yeah, pyramids, awesome, blah blah blah.

    However, what with me being really crap at haggling and not knowing Arabic, I want to know whether or not I've gotten a good price.

    This is what I've got (from memory and nose, as everything is unmarked

    1 x 100ml sandlewood oil
    1 x 100ml black musk
    1 x 100ml amber oudh (or is it? I kept asking to sniff oudh - not knowing what it really smells like - and was handed this. I had to pay a premium. A premium for ignorace, perhaps?)
    1 x 100ml white musk (with rosewood?)
    1 x 100ml fruity / lemon / apple?
    1 x 50ml vetiver / amber? / musk?

    (Nevermind massage oils, face masks and enough bottles and burners to make me look like a mystic.)

    I won't say what I paid for them, because that might make me cry. What would YOU expect to pay for them if they were on display in your local upmarket department store?

    (Time to look at my credit card statement in despair.)

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    Default Re: Perfume oils?

    I would expect a lot. 100 ml is a huge amount. Madini sells their oils for $25 for 6ml bottles in the US, that would be over $2k.
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    Default Re: Perfume oils?


    They're not absolute oils, they're blends.

    I nearly ate my own tongue with the shock...

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    Default Re: Perfume oils?

    Wow, that's a lifetime's supply! How wonderful!

    At the lower end, unbranded but nice quality, I'd think that would take 200 to 300. That's not department store prices though.
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