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    Default How to ship from Europe to USA without lying?


    Does anyone know the least expensive and fully legal way to ship perfume (full, new, sealed) from Europe to USA? Fedex wants about 95 euros for actual shipping plus an extra 60 on top because it's "hazardous cargo" (alcohol content of the perfume). Is there any cheaper way? Cheaper than the 155 euros Fedex/UPS wants?

    The regular postal service over there (Belgium) flat out refuses to ship perfume at all.

    Not sure where to post this, as it seems like more of a "general" question. I'm probably not the first person to want to ship perfume from Europe to USA, but I'm having a difficult time finding any information other than "lie about the contents", which is not the answer I'm looking for.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: How to ship from Europe to USA without lying?

    DHL and UPS are probably options in Europe, but I would imagine their official policies and prices aren't much different.

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    Default Re: How to ship from Europe to USA without lying?

    When I ship abroad, I declare the contents as " cosmetic samples" without a hitch. That's not lying, per se. It maybe lying by omission.
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    Default Re: How to ship from Europe to USA without lying?

    I've received perfumes from overseas, customs-declared as "collectibles". 'Vague' perhaps, but not an outright lie IMO.
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    Default Re: How to ship from Europe to USA without lying?

    Do you have any option to ship via sea? Apart from using a hazardous handler airmail option (which normally costs a lot), the other fully legal way is to ship by sea (which normally is very affordable), but that may require a considerably long shipping time. You could ask your postal service if they have that option.

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    Default Re: How to ship from Europe to USA without lying?

    I always put 'toiletries' on my packages - not lying! Evasive maybe but it works for a)my conscience and b) unwitting postal clerks.


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