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    Default Looking for Gourmand fragrences

    I have been into collecting colognes for about 6 months now and recently purchased Pi. It has brought me to the Gourmand scent type as I love the fragrence. I am hoping I can get some good suggestions as I want to look into getting more Gourmands. Something important for me to mention is that I don't like the smell of coffee so fragrences from Thierry Mugler wouldnt appeal to me. I am more interested in the Designer line as I am a college student but if there is a niche I should look into I am willing to splurge. Thanks for your time!

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    Default Re: Looking for Gourmand fragrences

    Gourmands aren't generally my favorites, but I think that Rochas Man is about as good as they get as far as Gourmands go. This is a very sexy smelling chocolate type frag. I actually tried Pi and thought that it was very sweet, like cotton candy. Rochas Man is also sweet, but I think it is far superior.

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    Default Re: Looking for Gourmand fragrences

    Well here are quite a few gourmands to look for according to your budget constraints

    Rochas Man
    Jaipur Homme
    Animale Animale
    Le Male (although, considered an oriental)
    Hypnotic Poison (marketed towards women but a gorgeous gourmand worn by anyone)
    A*Men Pure Malt
    New Haarlem (niche and expensive but by far the best gourmand I've tried)
    Blue Sugar

    Some similar fragrances that aren't entirely gourmands but give off that vibe that you would probably enjoy

    Fuel For Life
    Body Kouros
    Sunset Heat

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    Default Re: Looking for Gourmand fragrences

    le male,Pi, even obsession could be considered a gourmand, la nuit de lhomme

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    Default Re: Looking for Gourmand fragrences

    I love gourmands. My favorite by far is New Haarlem by Bond no. 9 - outstanding scent worth every penny. Rochas Man is made by the same perfumer but in my opinion it's too sweet. A*Men is overwhelmingly sweet in a more coarse caramely way but that's balanced very nicely with a tar note. Definitely try it just for the experience. A*Men Pure Malt is just gross but perhaps it will tickle your fancy.

    Frederic Malle's Musc Ravageur is also arguably a gourmand - cinnamon and tonka brilliantly mixed into musk. It's expensive but once again it's one of my favorite scents even though perhaps I shouldn't be wearing it just yet.

    Jo Malone's Black Vetyver Cafe is a coarse coffee gourmand. The coffee note is very nice but it's almost like it's not well blended in with the rest of the composition. Check it out.

    Last but not least I'd recommend Chergui by Serge Lutens. It's a sweet rose / hay sugar sort of deal, perhaps not entirely gourmand but definitely in a similar ballpark in my opinion - magical, mesmerizing scent.

    But yeah, PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out New Haarlem.

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    Default Re: Looking for Gourmand fragrences

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, looks like I will be doing some research on the mentioned frags! If anyone thinks of any others I should look into please post. Thanks for your comments.

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    Default Re: Looking for Gourmand fragrences

    L'instant de Guerlain Extreme is INCREDIBLE! It's hard to find though. It disappears and then out of nowhere it seems everyone gets more stock in, and then it disappears again.
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