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    Default Different Notes/ Same Smell?

    I blind bought a bottle of L`eau d`Issey Eau D`Ete Summer Edition, the 2009 version, from a base notes member on here very recently (kxe003- who was great). I was pretty excited about getting this one in the mail based off of reviews from here, other sites, and youtube. When I got it and wore if for the first time today, I was a bit shocked.

    As a bit of a back story, I have a bottle of Tommy Jeans that I also bought blind based off of reviews. When I got it, I thought it was OK... not bad, but there was some note in there that just kind of gave me a headache. IDK, it's weird. Well, when I received Issey Miyake's Summer scent and discovered the very striking similarities between the two scents, I was more than a bit disappointed. Don't get me wrong, Issey's version is a better take on the same smell. With smoother notes and a softer "headache note", but none-the-less it's the same smell.

    So, as any respectable BNer would due, I came on here and other sites to research the notes. What?! Not one single note is the same? No way! That can't be right.

    Has anyone else smelled or own these two (especially if done at the same time, or close together) and feel the same as I do? Am I crazy?

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    Also, are there any other fragrances where this same situation has happened to you?
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    Default Re: Different Notes/ Same Smell?

    pure malts drydown smells similar to angel for women, platinum egoiste smells similar to bvlgari ph, chez bond smells like green irish tweed that smells like cool water, wall street smells like millesime imperial that smells like unforgiveable, chrome smells somewhat like ck1, d and g lightblue for women is like versace eau fraiche and those are a few.

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    Default Re: Different Notes/ Same Smell?

    I have that kind of problem with frags that have a base similar to Gucci Envy for men. I'm not sure exactly what the combination of molecules is, but it comes across as really "synthetic" and I feel that a migraine in on the way. It may not be possible to determine why this sort of thing occurs just based upon the published note pyramids.

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    Default Re: Different Notes/ Same Smell?

    LP No. 9 For Her and Dune smell eerily similar despite theoretically having no notes in common.

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