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    Default Demeter - how full are the .5 oz spray tubes?

    I bought a lot of Demeter perfumes on ebay which were listed as new. I'm wondering if someone can tell me how full a new Demeter 1/2 oz purse spray tube should be, unused. Obviously .5 oz lol but is that up to the shoulder of the bottle? To the label? Somewhere else?

    In retrospect I suppose maybe these were samples. They have stickers that say Try Me, so maybe I'm just an idiot lol. I never gave a second thought to it, thinking they were "try me" sizes since they are smaller than the usual 1 oz or 4 oz sizes you can buy in stores. They were listed as new, but they are varying amounts full, none more than a couple centimeters above the label, and most under the label. It's hard to see how much, since the labels wrap all the way around and the perfume is clear, but none are more than 3/4 an inch from the top.

    I'm wondering out of curiosity and also if I decide to swap them I want to be able to be honest if I'm claiming they're "new" or not. I hadn't gotten to sniff any of them before I bought them and I'm not really in love with any of them, though some are nice.

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    Default Re: Demeter - how full are the .5 oz spray tubes?

    I have 2 new ones (.5 oz. like yours) I bought at CVS and the liquid comes to about 1 and 1/4 inches lower than the top. Measured by lowering the tube in until it touched the surface.

    Sounds like yours are indeed new.
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    Default Re: Demeter - how full are the .5 oz spray tubes?

    Thanks so much, that's really helpful! What on earth is Demeter thinking? lol...why make a bottle SO much bigger than what you're intending to put in it? But it makes me happy to know this is how they're meant to be.

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    Default Re: Demeter - how full are the .5 oz spray tubes?

    Actually with small vials you have to leave a certain amount of space for it to be able to spray properly.
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