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    Default what kind of shoes is required?

    hey all!
    what kind of shoes is good for girls to get in shape? has anyone tried sketcher's shoes?

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    Default Re: what kind of shoes is required?

    Depends mostly on whether you are planning on walking, running, biking, lifting, etc. I must say, however, that it is borderline criminal for Skechers to claim their ShapeUps do anything more than make you taller whilst looking hideous.

    I cannot be sure they qualify as "fashionable and stylish" but I am a huge fan of Vibram FiveFingers' minimalist footwear. At the moment, I own the Sprints and the Bikilas and I am considering buying a pair of the Classics for casual use. As someone who already spends quite a lot of time barefoot, the transition was pretty easy for me. Some of the color choices are...erm, questionable but so comes the future. They are (surprisingly?) well-made and the rubber outsole is crazy durable; I was a little worried about how they would hold up with abuse initially. They feel amazing when worn sockless as recommended but the smell of stinky shoes bothers me so I wear them with toe socks during workouts.

    Sizing them properly is absolutely key.

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    Default Re: what kind of shoes is required?

    thanks for the suggestion.

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    Default Re: what kind of shoes is required?

    Quote Originally Posted by PerfumeGoddess View Post
    thanks for the suggestion.
    No problem. As it happens, your question got me thinking and I finally ordered a pair of Classics.

    If you are really interested in these, I highly recommend bookmarking Birthday Shoes, a terrific blog/forum/resource for minimalist footwear. Definitely download the free Beginners Guide PDF and if contemplating purchase, use the Store page, which has links to over 30 verified online retailers, or VibramUSA's own store locator for local brick-and-mortar vendors to at least try them on first, if not buy.

    Best wishes with your fitness goals.

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    Default Re: what kind of shoes is required?

    Asics are good balanced , good price and quality
    my current top five (always in transition)

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