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    Default Need help finding a good cologne

    Hey, im 17 years old. I have one perfume and that is a Van Gils Basic Instinct that i got last christmas. I don't really like it and im tired of it. Im looking for one or two new ones, where one should be for every day use and one for special occacions. Anyone have some suggestions? Preferably something the girls like . It's not very usual to wear cologne where i live, so i dont think any scents is "used up"

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    Default Re: Need help finding a good cologne

    Sounds like Acqua Di Gio by Armani is for you!

    That's a super popular cologne everywhere else in the world. Even if you stand out where you live, you won't anywhere else you go. Smells pretty good, so you might not care, but just something to think about.

    Fragrances you should check out are-

    Kenneth Cole: Reaction
    Kenneth Cole: Black
    Lacoste: Pour Homme
    Lacoste: Essential
    Lacoste: Style In Play
    Kenzo: L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme
    Issey Miyake: L'Eau D'Issey

    Just as some starting off points.
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    Default Re: Need help finding a good cologne

    Everyday ;
    - Dune pour Homme by Dior
    - Allure (Édition Blanche) by Chanel
    - Platinum Égoïste by Chanel
    - Dior Homme
    - Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron
    - Platinum Egoïste by Chanel

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    Default Re: Need help finding a good cologne

    I'd recommend trying several samples at either the department stores or sample & decant websites, such as Lucky Scents. Also consider your budget as well. Have you investigated niche fragrances or just mainstream? Most teenagers I know wear Aqua di Gio. Good luck to you.
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