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    Default Article: My First Sniffapalooza: Like a Virgin

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    Great work! Thanks for reporting. Sure would love to attend sometime. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Article: My First Sniffapalooza: Like a Virgin

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    Thanks for reporting! Sniffa is always a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed the addition of Katie Puckrik to the line-up of Saturday speakers.

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    Monsieur Behnke - Thank you for the gracious mention and I'm very glad that Raphaella and I got people talking - that was definitely the point. Negativity gets distasteful after a while and yet there are people who thrive on it. Sniffa Mag takes the high road. Perfume is subjective so why should I pan what might end up being your holy grail, thereby making my negative review irrelevant to you? Every perfume has positive aspects, and if Im not getting them - then I move on and find something that moves me to words. Im simply not inspired to write when something doesn't move me. So thats where Raph and I come from.

    Sniffapalooza is a wonder to behold, time and time again. Its...overpowering, but in a good way. I dare say that there were so many perfume bottle sprayed in NYC last weekend that they could smell us on the Space Station. The Hubble telescope needs some Windexing as there is a strange film smelling of orange blossom covering the lens!

    And it was a pleasure meeting you this past weekend. I look forward to October!

    Mark David Boberick

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    Loved the account, especially the bit about wearing a perfumer! : - )

    Sounds like a fantastic event and I hope to make it over one year.

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    Mark, I enjoyed your report! And now I must try Established Cognac. Bananas Foster indeed!

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    What fun and a perfect description of the fragrance whirlwind that is Sniffa! I will be back in October! Most important though: what did you actually buy?

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    Beautiful account, SMM, as usual. You must have had a lot of fragrant fun.

    I sort of connected with the event at Bergdoff's, all the way from here in Lagos, remembering my 2004 stay at a hotel on W 57th, a few blocks from the store. I loved frags then but sadly was not a BaseNoter. Went into Bergdoff's just looking for Dunhill 1934!

    I aim to repeat the visit and time it to such an event.

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    Wonderful prose. Thanks, Mark!

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    Thanks for your wonderfully thoughtful and detailed recap, Mark! It's always fun to see Sniffapalooza through the eyes of a first-timer. It was a pleasure to meet you, and an honor to be your 'twitter twin' last weekend!

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    How much fun was that!! Gosh, was a great review,,,and the loot!! I attended Sniff about this same time last year!! One member of our party (my 19 year old niece) was tremendously bored, understandably so, (although she promised she wouldn't be)!! Worth every penny,,and I agree with your endorsement of the Atelier colognes. Fabulous!

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    Well-written article... you have shared with us the fun and learning you experienced! Thanks.

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    Mark, each time I read your writing it just gets better & better! Loved your re-cap, and especially the "Like a Virgin" theme threaded along throughout ~ clever & appropriate! Now July 24/25 in Boston is even more highly anticipated! Thanks for sharing your great experience with us! xoxo

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    Default Re: Article: My First Sniffapalooza: Like a Virgin

    Thank you for the write up, Mark! Can't wait for July weekend!
    RHM's Vintage, Rare & Pretty Darn Good items on offer:

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    Sniffa is a real experience surely! I was sad to have to miss this one! Great article!


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    Mark, what a great experience for you! Sounds like more fun than should be legal!

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    Great work. I like the discussions about seeing the forest through the trees and the negative reviews. Everyone should take some of that with them to the boards.

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