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    Default which eyeshadow??

    which eye shadow goes best with green color outfit?? i have bought the dress but last time when i wore it i was confused about the color of eyeshadow.
    Then i put smoky black eyes but it was not a hit because i think with dark green i must go with some lighter color what do you say??

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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    Perhaps a green in a similar tone?

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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    shade of brown?
    purple (like smoky plum?)
    pinks (like salmon?)

    heck, what do I know anyway. We both know I'll be looking at your legs ;-)
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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    With green clothing that is leaning toward loden/hunter, I wear browns, mahogany-toned with black liner.

    With more lime-colored, modern-palate greens, I wear greys and charcoals.

    With more minty oceanic greens or dark greens that are emerald or jewel-toned, I wear navy blues.
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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    Personally i like a female to wear a dark shaded eye shadow but that's just my 2 cents.

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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    Depends on the shade of the dress...I'd say that purple and brown shades work very well.

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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    Yes look at peachy and browns. What colour are your eyes?

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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    thanks guys! i tried peach with a combination of green and then brown shade..
    a bit of rust blend also looked great with that. my eye color is hazel so i guess i have decided

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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    I see you've gone with peach and browns. Sounds nice! With greens I tend to favor mahogany, wine, and earthy red tones. Purple works well too!

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    Default Re: which eyeshadow??

    A lighter mink light brown matte color eyeshadow, with a green eyeliner with some metallic in it.
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