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    Default How is the projection on Kilian fragrances?

    That is the question.. I hear Kilian uses some of the finest ingredients which peaks my interest. But, how is the projection/sillage? Many perfumes I notice to be skin scents, if I'm spending 200+ a bottle, I want some projection. Thanks

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    Default Re: How is the projection on Kilian fragrances?

    Will get back to you after this weekend, as I am taking the Back to Black vial from a by Killian sample pack I received as a gift recently to Dallas. Looking forward to trying it. The sample pack is a good deal, six vials of their fragrances wilth (only one, unfortunately) atomizer.
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    Default Re: How is the projection on Kilian fragrances?

    Which particular By Kilian scent are you considering? And which fragrance are you using as your preferred reference projection?

    On my skin they vary from modest to moderate, depending on fragrance. For example, Back to Back is quite potent but not Pure Aoud. A Taste of Heaven projects rather modestly from my skin while Cruel Intentions, Straight to Heaven and Beyond Love seem to have moderate sillage. Also need to consider that I am a habitual light sprayer using 3-5 sprays on average.

    Hope that help somewhat. Maybe jrd4 can chime in...

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    Default Re: How is the projection on Kilian fragrances?

    I find By Kilian's, have on the whole, a good projection and sillage. You really don't need to spray too much to get an aura of perfume around you. Sometimes I even just spray once and dab the remains of that one spray on other areas of my skin. I have Beyond Love in the 50 ml bottle with the black case and it's simply gorgeous.

    I've tried Love, Back to Black ,Cruel Intentions and A Taste of Heaven. I have a sample of Rose Oud to try out - will let you know . I love By Kilian's - they are very good quality fragrances. The refills are also good value too if you don't care too much about having the bottle and case.

    Also , everyone's skin is different - so something that lasts on me ,may perhaps be different on someone else ?
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    Default Re: How is the projection on Kilian fragrances?

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    Default Re: How is the projection on Kilian fragrances?

    I've had great experiences with them. Some have more projection or longevity than others, but remember that doesn't mean "quality." I've also found that with most of them, your nose will become anosmic to them after a period of time, but people around you can definitely still smell it. I've had people come into my office near the end of the day and exclaim how good it smells in there when I wear Straight to Heaven, and I can smell Back to Black on my skin a day later, and after a shower. You'll want to spray them rather than dab/swipe though - I guess that goes for most scents, but certainly on these to get the most/best out of them!
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    Default Re: How is the projection on Kilian fragrances?

    I wear Back to Black , its great stuff and lasts for hours and hours on me ... I love the stuff

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