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    Default An EXTREMELY unlikely L'Air replacement...

    ...Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man.

    No, they are not the same, but Paco Rabanne's Ultraviolet Man is ultimately the most similar scent to L'Air that I've come across. At one moment during the day while sampling UV Man, I caught a whiff of it and thought "who's wearing L'Air?" only to realize it was the UV Man I was smelling.

    The depth of spices in UV Man is slightly less than in L'Air, and the tar note is not present (although the ambergris in the heart of UV Man does have a bit of a rubbery nuance that keeps it smelling similar enough), but even so they are very very similar. UV Man, like L'Air, also has a wonderful diffusive quality to its sillage, creating a wonderful aura around the wearer.

    Test them side by side and you'll see, or better yet, wear each on consecutive days.

    To be honest, I like UV Man better. I prefer how UV projects (it projects less/more subtle), the longevity is not so ridiculous, and there is no (sometimes annoying) tar note and also the ambergris is better realized here in UV man. I'm *not* saying it's a 'higher quality' fragrance, just that I prefer it.

    Also, I think UV Man might work as a summery alternative to L'Air on days when it is too warm for L'Air. UV Man is definitely less dense and thinner, although still satisfying with a noticeable vetiver note in the base, alongside the dominant ambergris and traditional amber accord.
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    Default Re: An EXTREMELY unlikely L'Air replacement...

    Hmmm... I was playing with a sample of UV Man a few weeks ago and never made that connection. I remember that UV Man was a melange of difference synthetic ambergris notes. I think I recall ambroxan and lactoscaton off the top of my head, though I could be wrong. I found it to be a relatively simple and minimalist kind of scent. i can't think of where I put my sample but if I find it, I'll see how it compares to L'Air.

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    Default Re: An EXTREMELY unlikely L'Air replacement...

    L'air du desert marocain? I never noticed the resemblance. I've always found that Ultraviolet smells like a Creed fragrance with the ambergris cranked up and modified a bit (along with some synthetic-fruity notes and a bit of smoke).

    I have a friend who wears UV regularly - I'll have to pay attention to this next time...
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