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    Default Ok this is so cool!

    I'm on the JV kick today. I went after work to macys to test what they had with bottle i got from fragrancenet. Both smell the same and faded the same. Good deal right! Ok now to the cool part. It's been 4 hours from then and the frag still is very noticable. More so on the right wrist. I asked my fiance to smell both wrists to see if she thought they smelled the same. She said no but at that time she did not know that I knew the left wrist was weaker. So a thought popped into head after learning about heat and fragrances so I exhaled hot air onto my wrists and HOLY COW! The scent is back, just as if i freshly applied it. My fiance thinks they both smell the same now. I would think that this frag would be great in a little heat cause that's when it really shines.

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    Ahh ya dude, the amazing hot air test. Always a blast and miracle on skin scents such as John Varvatos, next time spray a little bit on and walk into the sauna, you'll stink it up so good

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    Yeah, heat is amazing like that. That's why lighter summer fragrances are often times deemed as weak. It's really just to counteract how overpowering it would be if it was any stronger.
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    Yup, that's why they recommend a lot of the more cirtus/fruity fragrances for summer. Because not only does it seem right smell wise, but the weather optimizes its performance.

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    Default Re: Ok this is so cool!


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    A few drops of water, or even dropping to the ground and doing a few push ups or running fast up some stairs can do this too. You might get a few funny looks though!
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    I think it might be the humidity of the breath that activates dried and shriveled scent molecules, just as much as the heat (I do the same thing I lot).

    As others have said, I get a good strength boost when I exercise a little to warm up and lightly perspire.
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