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    Default Lorenzo Villoresi Patchouli or Santa Maria Novella Patchouli?

    I'm looking to add yet another patchouli to my wardrobe, and these two have really caught my attention because the reviews describe each as being strong, bold patchoulis. They both look very appealing. However, I don't have the money to buy both, and I'm not finding the reviews too helpful in helping me make up my mind.

    Which do you prefer and why?

    To give you an idea of my own tastes, I'm looking for a patchouli where that note is prominent, not buried in other notes, and is bold. Longevity and sillage are really important - I'm not paying $100 for a frag that lasts only 2 hours on my skin - though longevity is more important. I tend to like dark patchoulis. The strongest patchouli I own is Mazzolari Lui.

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    Default Re: Lorenzo Villoresi Patchouli or Santa Maria Novella Patchouli?

    It's been a long time since I've smelled the SMN one, but I recall liking the Villoresi better. If you like scents like Mazzolari Lui, then the Villoresi shouldn't scare you off. You also might want to check out LV's Vetiver if you go for challenging dark fragrances. The longevity is great on the LVs, BTW.
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    Default Re: Lorenzo Villoresi Patchouli or Santa Maria Novella Patchouli?

    I would have to say that patchouli is my favorite note in all of perfumery...

    I like LV's Patchouli because it is clean-smelling, very herbal and classy, like a fine soap. I remember being able to smell it for a long time after only spraying it once on my forearm, it seemed to project very well, with great longevity. The only reason I don't own it is that I find similar notes and a similar quality of patchouli in Aramis 900, which is one of my top three all-time favorite fragrances. But who knows, I might sample it again sometime and have to pull the trigger on a small bottle...I definitely like it enough to own it.

    The SMN I find to be a danker, dirtier patchouli, smelling like the patchouli oils one finds in health food stores. I think it smells quite common. Not very attractive, IMO.

    I haven't tried Mazzolari Lui yet (but I need too!), so I can't compare either to it.
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