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    Palo Santo is the name of a tree (Bulnesia sarmientoi) growing in the northern part of Argentina, in Paraguay, South of Brazil and South of Bolivia. Its wood is characterized by very aromatic notes: it does share the common notes of any wood accord, but the originality strives in a sharpness that could be described as smokey and bold including very nice accords of hesperidic incense. The usual EO oil in perfumery destilled form this plant is Guaiac oil.

    Amor América Palo Santo is a floral fragrance, so you are right if you guess that Palo Santo's notes play a minor role in the blend. The opening is clearly floral and linear at first whiff, the wood accords being more cedar-like than as promissed by the brandname. There are some hints of it in the dry-down, but this is far from what one might expect after smelling Palo Santo's wood, whose brandname and notes would make anyone expect an oriental woody rather than a floral.

    Contemporary in style, femenine, with good longevity, stays close to the skin, somehow original; Palo Santo is blended in a style that I would describe as proper of the brand, Natura, a cosmetic and personal care direct marketing company from Brazil specialized in sustainable production. As far as I had the chance of judging from their scents, all of them are subtle, gentle, sharp, dominated by variations of classical hesperidic and / or floral top notes.

    Definetely, not for perfumistas looking for scents blended according to the traditional French styles, past or present, but nontehlees diifferent.

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