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    Default Amouage Epic Women -- for Men?

    yes I was looking into Amouage epic women and basically was told that it makes a great mens scent, a better scent even than the Epic Mens version
    I need some input on this, as a blind buy gone wrong on this won may end up killing me financially

    let me know
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    Default Re: Amouage Epic Women -- for Men?

    I don't find that it works on me at all. On me the vanilla, sandalwood and iris combine into a coconut like accord that is persistent throughout along with a smattering of green tea-like notes.

    I find the mens version to be excellent, however, and find that most of the criticisms against it have little value as they were from sniffing a card or simply a cursory wearing. Of course, you have to like virile, masculine and spicy scents to enjoy Epic Man. I should add that Epic Man has gotten me a couple random compliments - and I rarely get complimented on frags.

    Order a couple official samples from Parfums Raffy. These are both very strong scents, 1 or 2 sprays max, and so a 2ml sample for $6 should last you quite some time.
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    Default Re: Amouage Epic Women -- for Men?

    I've tested both Epics on skin a couple of times.

    I actually liked Epic Man. There was a civet-like burst that really appealed to me, and the frankincense is spicy, smokey, and smells of quality. But some scratchy woods surface in the dry-down and bother my nose.

    IMHO Epic Woman really is "better." Meaning it's more interesting and original. Epic Woman is really lovely. Well, I don't think lovely's the right word. Opulent. Potent. It reminds me of Gold, only much more, well, interesting and original. Anyway, I get mentholated jasmine, green tea, and frankincense. The frankincense is strong and spicy like in Epic Man, but it's not smokey and it's better blended. I actually never noticed the vanilla before, but, yeah, smelling this paper strip I sprayed two months ago, I get it. No joke.

    The jasmine is a little creamy and hangs around for quite a while, but once the frankincense warms up it steps into spice territory. So can a man pull it off? Yes, if you're comfortable with florals. Initially I think it leans towards the feminine side of unisex, but I think the spice grounds it in the middle as it wears.

    I mean, I plan on pulling this off some time in the future whether it wants to or not! Grrrr.

    I hate dishing out for a sample, but I think in this case it would be safer for you. As mentioned above, Parfums Raffy has individual samples. (Can't vouch 4 'em.)

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    Default Re: Amouage Epic Women -- for Men?

    great response
    anyone else with input?
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    Default Re: Amouage Epic Women -- for Men?

    Epic Woman is probably the most potent Amouage to date. It's also very, very complex and smells extremely different from each wearing. The first time I smelt it, I got a very medicinal tea tree oil accord mixed with a bit of oud and roses. It immediately drew me in and I was sold. Now every time I wear, I sometimes get a lot of frankincense and green tea; other times a lot of oud and roses. I think because of it's complexity and medicinal qualities, I find it utterly unisex. But be easy on the trigger, it's very, very potent.

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    Default Re: Amouage Epic Women -- for Men?

    I like Scent's description above. I wear it and I think of it as a 'tonic' scent (as opposed to office, evening out scent etc.) and I find it uplifting, green, exotic, also meditative . . . good for a walk outdoors or solo travel. Very different scent but I think of it in the same way as Mazzolari Mazzolari FWIW.. Try before you buy as it may just come as weird to your own tastes, but it's certainly a more interesting one to me than Epic Man, which I find a bit too astringent and lacking in depth. I prefer it in humid weather.

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    Default Re: Amouage Epic Women -- for Men?

    Scent is spot on. I gave this another wearing yesterday. It was a warm (read hot) day. The frankincense popped out immediately, and I could pick out the rose right away. The jasmine peeked through later on, and the not-too-sweet vanilla I had missed the first time appeared towards the end. Quite different from my cold weather experience. Still something menthol-like in there. Overall it strikes a great balance between floral and frankincense.
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    Obi-Wan: Well, R2 has been...
    Anakin: No loose wire jokes.
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