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    Default - Are they legit?

    Hey guys,

    First post here.

    I was looking at's Australian ebay store ( and noted that it had cheap prices but only 8 feedback. I was just wondering if anyone had previously bought anything off them and are their fragrances were legit and genuine.

    They don't seem to be selling the high branded fakes like Chanel or Creed which they could get quite a bit of money from so I am not sure.

    After snooping around a bit I noticed they also have a store with 3996 sales with 95% positive feedback.

    Do you guys think they are legit? I was looking at Escada Sunset Heat.

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    Default Re: - Are they legit?


    Have you checked the comprehensive list of online retailers in the Internet Shopping and City Shopping Guides forum?
    Thats probably a good place to start.
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    Default Re: - Are they legit?

    I did do a search of the site but didn't find anyone mentioning scentwarehouse. The 100ml there is around $3AUD more than the 50ml from fragrancex.

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