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Thread: Powdery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oslo-Fjord View Post
    I have never understand what people mean by "powdery". What sort of powder are we talking about here?? Talkum? gunpowder? flour? detergent? rouge? I think... what does powder smells like? This is a mystery...
    it's a soft face-powder type note, as well as baby-powder.
    it's coming mostly from certain musks, iris (orris) and violets molecules (ionones), anisole, and some other molecules/oils as well.
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    To all the ones mentioned, I should add Dana's British Sterling. I know, I know, it is a drugstore cheapie with negative reviews but, believe me, I enjoy talcum powder-like notes and this one is powdery in that sense. Not lasting though.

    Another one that has not been mentioned is Fragonard's Zizanie, somehow a restrained version of Jaipur with spicy topnotes reminiscing of Old Spice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by perfaddict View Post
    Royal Copenhagen

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    I definitely second Pollux's and perfaddict's suggestions of Zizanie by Fragonard and Royal Copenhagen. Lagerfeld Classic also fits the bill, but I personally would only wear it in the coldest of weather. does Lagerfeld Classic work in the tropical heat?
    Currently wearing: Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

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    I like powdery perfumes too!

    Third man
    Habit Rouge
    Prade Ambre
    Azzaro PH

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    A lot of great suggestions here, thanks! I'll try to find most of them soon

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    I found the "official" notes for Rouge Royal for men: "lavender, geranium, amalfi lemon, resin, cardamom, cinnamon, white honey, sandalwood and virginia cedar."

    Then I wore it yesterday. It is basically a highly blended powdery honey scent. The spices, wood, geranium, lavender, etc. are at best a bare hint. KISS Him features "amber crystals," and that note is very similar, just not powdery. Instead, there is clear cumin, anise, and lavender in KISS Him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ziffy321 View Post
    Helmut Lang (edt or edp) is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear powder. As far as summer use, I've always found Burberry Touch has worked well for me in the summer. If you want powder overload, try Villoresi's Teinte de Neige.
    nuff said.

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    givenchy pi neo, givenchy play, hot water, kenzo power, polo double black, blv homme, mainstream powdery examples...

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    Quote Originally Posted by perfaddict View Post
    Royal Copenhagen, which i use here in the tropics all year round.
    Masculine baby powder!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snafoo View Post
    If you like Code and Homme, you will probably NOT like Caswell-Massey, but powdery it is. Classic barbershop powder, very much in the Old Old School style (it was released in 1840).
    I think Snafoo is referring to Jockey Club in this post.

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    I agree with the Classic Cheapie Canoe

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    Default Re: Powdery

    I am the opposite and don't like powdery scents. I thought Bvlgari Blv was super powdery. So much so that I couldn't like it even though I wanted to. The same could be said for Geir Ness.

    Kenzo Power is also powdery, but I'm kind of digging it.

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    The king of them all, Parfums de Nicolaï New York.
    Rare, vintage, and niche off-site sales.
    Big list of niche splits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ziffy321 View Post
    If you want powder overload, try Villoresi's Teinte de Neige.

    I can't imagine of anything being more powdery than this.

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