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    Default Which winter colognes?

    Hi guys,

    Winters coming up pretty soon in Winter but we don't get that cold here. Maybe around 10 Degrees Celcius, I don't normally have to wear long pants or jumpers so what would be a good fragrance would be good for winter.

    I really want to get Escada Sunset Heat because I love the fruitiness of it but would be appropriate to wear it in winter?

    I wore Plat. Egoiste, Brit, and Cool water and Paris Hilton for Men in summer even though they are more on the side of winter fragrances -Paris. These were all worn in classroom situations but no one really noticed them.

    Does anyone know any good colognes for Winter, looking for long sillage and not overpowering (Joop! Homme) as it would be worn to school.

    I also have Diesel Green but don't really like it because it smells a bit too masculine which is the same reason which is why I don't like fragrances such as Joop! Homme and Antaeus. I have Lancome Hypnose Homme though which I use for formal occasions - would this be appropriate to use as an everyday fragrance in winter? It has good sillage but too me it doesn't seem to be an everyday cologne.


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    Default Re: Which winter colognes?

    Here are a few to consider:

    Rochas Man (chocolate)
    Paul Smith Extreme (Orangy wood)
    Armani Code (tonka bean)

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    Default Re: Which winter colognes?

    Here's a list of my favs:

    Musc Ravager
    Terre de Hermes
    Profumin Olibanum & Santalum
    MPG Parfum D'Habit
    Ambre Narguile
    Serge Luten Musc Koublaï Khän
    Serge Luten Fumerie Turque
    Santa Maria Novella Tabacco Toscano
    Aramis Havana
    Guerlain Heritage
    C&S 88
    Cigar - Remy Latour
    Kiton Black
    YSL M7
    Equipage Hermes
    Frederick Malle Noir Epices
    Michael Storer Winter Star
    Lorenzo Villoresi Piper Nigrum
    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather
    MPG Racine
    Shalimar Guerlain
    Tom Ford Black Orchid
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    Default Re: Which winter colognes?

    - Diesel Fuel For Life
    - L´Eau Bleue d´Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake
    - Armani Code
    - Versace Man Eau Fraïche
    - Versace pour Homme

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