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    Question Alahene

    Alahene by Teo Cabanel. Any thoughts as to this fragrance's being unisex? Your opinions about this fragrance would be appreciated. I have seen it vaguely compared to Fendi Theorema. Differences and similarities?

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    Default Re: Alahene

    I wear Alahine, no problem. I really like it. I bought it the first time I smelled it.

    It's an Oriental with a dry, slightly dusty, ambery character. It's not sweet, nor is it herbal or thick, like some other amber fragrances. In addition to being rather dry, it is lean rather than heavy, and smooth and well blended. It contains florals, but they are part of the mixture, not elements that stand out on their own. It's not a powerhouse, nor is it overly reticent. Well behaved, even elegant. Certainly unisex!


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    Totally agree with Noggs. Very unisex. I love Alahine to death. Here is a review I wrote during my 5 star week:

    Alahine by Teo Cabanel.
    bergamot, lavender, ylang-ylang
    Bulgarian rose, Moroccan rose, jasmin, orange blossom
    iris, rock rose, patchouli, benzoin, vanilla, musk

    You pretty much know what you are going to get by looking at the traditional pyramid of notes. And you won't be surprised. BUT, right from the first spray, comes it's little secret. This is a beauty - so well blended and crafted. It wispers class, it surrounds you in classic perfume feeling with a nod towards modern sense. It doesn't feel old, yet it feels timeless.

    The bright citris opening is smooth as silk. I can smell the lavender a bit, but it is smoothed out and blended until it is just a cooling breeze. The florals then come out, and I can smell rose, but it is rose surrounded and softened by their fellow notes. The amber is creeping in, softly, but possibly the florals are keeping the sweetness tamped down. Never does this fragrance go sweet, but never, ever is it harsh in any way. Each note blended to perfection. It then drifts off into it's closing, and you realise you have just experienced something special.
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