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    Default Cardamom essential oil

    It's one of my favourite scent. I am looking for anything regarding to cardamom (one of the fragrance with cardamom I've really love was the discontinued Nu d'Yves Saint Laurent. Do you know any other spicy-oriental fragrances with this note?)

    Also, looking for affordable cardamom essential oil and how to make cardamom tincture.

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    Default Re: Cardamom essential oil

    there are several products available from these seeds:
    i don't know about an good affordable cardamom oil, check some suppliers and see what they offer i would say. there are several threads about good suppliers in this forum.
    cardamom tincture, i don't have a recipe, but i can't be that hard i think. there's very little water in these dried seeds. the unknown factor is the strength: how many seeds with how much ethanol. have you done a tincture before?

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    Default Re: Cardamom essential oil

    I would imagine cardamon would make up a tincture in exactly the way vanilla pods would. They are both dried pods. Have a look at the vanilla thread as there is plenty of information on how to make tinctures there already.

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    Default Re: Cardamom essential oil

    I think the Eden Botanicals sight sells a supercritical CO2 extraction of cardamom that is very true to the real spice. I'm not sure if you want to make a tincture for culinary or fragrance purposes, but the CO2 extraction for fragrance is perfect. For cardamom vodka, just throw some crushed pods into a bottle of Stoli' and wait a couple of weeks for your cardamom-martini party. I'm not sure of a cardamom forward fragrance, but I would love to try one if you find it! Good luck.

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    Default Re: Cardamom essential oil

    looking at a document with recipes, most tinctures from dried vegetable materials use in between 25% and 10% material. the rest is 95% ethanol of course. it is most often grinded or cut finely before use. put together in a tightly closed container, and keep it dark but preferably not cold (and never too warm or even hot! dangerous!!) and shake daily. my guess is that one or maybe two months should be fine.
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    Default Re: Cardamom essential oil

    Thanks a lot for your comments.

    Waow!!! The goodscentscompany has everything! From cardamom absolute, liquid resin, CO2 extract, oleoresin, to cardamom seed oil. The only thing is that - and you will find me very stupid - they don't have an online store or what??? Eden Botanicals is more practical. But not cheap, hmmm...

    About the tincture, I am looking for perfume purpose, not culinary. Yes, I've made tincture before, with vodka not ethanol, a vanilla one (actually, mumsy, if you are talking about the tincture recipe in the “vanilla absolute” in the DIY section, it comes from me...). I’ve made 2 vanilla tinctures, actually: one with whole pods and one with crushed pods. The tincture with the whole pods is clear but the other one with grinded pods is opaque. Plus, I’ve noticed some bubbles, even dried, the pods contained water... I’ve tried to filter it with a coffee filter, it didn’t work. So, I had to literally filter with a tea mesh strainer, then, refilter in a coffee filter, but not super great results regarding to the aspect that is an opaque liquid (but the bubbles are gone and the scent is a fantastic Bourbon vanilla smell though). Anyone knows how to make it transparent? I am wondering what will happen with grinded cardamom (thanks for the proportions, gido, I was looking for the ratio actually. Yeah, I’ll have to go to an Indian grocery to buy lots of cardamom seeds…). I am gonna experiment as soon as I get bunch of cardamom pods and will let you know about the results...

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    Default Re: Cardamom essential oil

    the answer to filtering is fullers earth. and you need to use a funnel with lab filter paper. the results will be crystal clear.
    alec lawless explains how it works it in great detail in this video.

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    Default Re: Cardamom essential oil

    Waow!!! That's really THE answer, gido!!! Merci beaucoup!!! Now, I am gonna investigate where to buy this wonderful tool.

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