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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    Quote Originally Posted by *bloomy* View Post
    Dior Homme, I LOVE this scent.

    Lemming the Oro...
    Me too, on both counts. Dior Homme for this evening, and off to fragrance shop for Oro - Evangeline's descripton is too good to not give it a blind buy. Those notes, oh, those notes. I've been itching to purchase something anyway, and this will keep me off luckyscent and the over $100 purchases that I don't need to be looking at!

    Although, I must say, I could certainly do without the snake....I hate snakes!

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    I'm so pleased to have generated a bit of excitement about Oro, but I feel sort of sheepish about it because my description of it hardly does it justice! I've had a bit longer to get to know it so I'll try to elaborate a bit.

    Those wonderful notes - iris, magnolia, honey, apricot, cinnamon, sandalwood, and amber - are certainly each doing something special and necessary to the composition, but what I get is woody, warm, creamy and sultry iris. The iris is the most prominent floral note but it's not straight-up iris, and it's not cold or carroty at all, and not really very powdery, either....making this only the second creamy iris I've smelled (Guerlain's Iris Ganache is the other, but they're completely different fragrances in both smell and personality. I love Iris Ganache too, btw.) I haven't detected the magnolia yet, but I still like the fact that it's in there! I'm not sure I can find the cinnamon either - there can't be much of it. It's not sweet at all, but there's a mellowness to it that must be the honey and amber at work. I also get a nice smooth cedar note with the sandalwood, which is especially nice because I usually don't like cedar much. Oro is unique - it's truly like nothing I've smelled before, and if it is similar to anything else out there, I'd be willing to bet this is better, and more affordable.

    However, the credit for turning us on to this really goes to an_oud_girl - it's her (previously) Unsung Treasure and I would have never even heard of and/or noticed it if she hadn't spread the word! (And also to Hillaire for starting the excellent thread! Go check it out now, and by all means add to it!!)

    Oh, and don't worry cello - the snakes only come with the perfume. Stick with the edp and you'll be fine!

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    Too late Evangeline! Already purchased, although your further description just sets me up with a hugh smile. Iris is my favorite note. A nice warm, well blended iris puts me in heaven.

    And yes, an_oud_girl deserves the credit for this, and also I think my other blind buy of Gabreila Sabatini. Inexpensive, wonderful notes - and one of my favorite tennis players growing up. I always meant to try her fragrances, and now I will. Now, if I could only find the elusive (probably horrible) Roland Garros fragrance, I would be set. Yes, I draw the line at Maria Sharapova fragrance! Not going there.

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    I thought the same thing about Gabriela's fragrance - her site's been down lately but she has a bunch of fragrances I'm curious about now! I'm still keeping an eye out for the RG and Feel the Touch (I can hardly type that without adding "blech", but even with the silly name, I can't diss Federer!) I heard Djokovic has a fragrance that's popular in Serbia, but I've seen no evidence of that!

    eta - I agree about the Sharapova stuff, but I've never seen it on a shelf anywhere, so avoiding it shouldn't be a problem.

    eta2 - btw, the recommendation for Gabriela Sabatini was Hillaire's.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    Guerlain New York.
    I am loving this one.

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    Caron En Avion.

    It's not a bitch-slap in a botte like Tabac Blond, but it is very nice.
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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    SOTD: Caron Montaigne
    SOTE: Molinard vintage Habanita

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    Ange Ou Demon
    Diva is fartin in your perfume mist before you walk through it!! Walk slow and let it marinate......

    Divatologist....Breaking perfume rules since 1969
    I smells goooooooooooood! Don't believe me? Come smell me!!

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    Default Re: SotD Wednesday 21 April

    Hello dear BNers,

    Been a busy day (seems like most really are) SOTD, but I did manage to dab on a bit from a sample for my

    SOTE: Atelier Orange Sanguine

    Exceptional orange topnotes...remind me of a freshly peeled tangerine from my mom's tree. Looking forward to the drydown, but my eyelids are getting very heavy...

    Hugs to all of you

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