I know an older gentleman who's been wearing Caesar's Man since it came out (according to him). He wears enough scent for me to smell the drydown on him in the evening, which is pleasant since he doesn't overdo it.
He ONLY uses that fragrance and believe it or not receives compliments. He told me he always keeps back ups on hand and now he's heard that it's being (or has been) discontinued. He's willing to try someting new but similar since he doesn't want to agonize about his supply.
I'd like to help him find alternatives to this scent. I told him I'd ask my friends.
I can tell there's moss and musk and probably pine there.
Those of you who know CM well enough, can you please make some recommendations?
Drakkar and Nobile have been mentioned in the BN review section but I don't happen to think they're similar at all. I'm thinking more along the lines of Montana Parfum D'Homme or Caron The Third Man?
What do you think?
Thank you!