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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by cpk View Post
    I think "I just smoked a cigarette" and "tobacco" are two completely different scents...
    +1 That's exactly what I was thinking too.

    But if "I-just-smoked-a-cigarette" vibe is what I'm after, I'd probably pick Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme with its stale cigarette undertones. +1 on Michael from Michael Kors too.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    I smoke about two packs a day, and I hate the after-smoking scent. Especially hate if it's the I-smoked-a-cigarette-in-under-a-minute type.

    Though I love the smell of a fresh cigarette, or better yet, quality rolling tobacco.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    Tea For Two has a good amount of smoke going on.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    My god, I have to get my hands on a lot of samples to test them out. So far, THANKS! to you all for your responses.
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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    Very surprised no one has mentioned Tabac Aurea from SSS...

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    odori tabacco
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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    [QUOTE=trapper;1816383] fragrances that give you that "i-just-smoked-a-ciggarette" vibe.

    Besides this, Tabac Original

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    I get a bit of a "just smoked a cigarette" vibe from Armani Diamonds actually. Ditto for Romance Silver. Havana, Michael Kors, Tea for Two and Fumerie Turque are all good choices as well.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    Oh tobacco..Jasmin et cigarette gives the impression of "I just smoked a cigarette while wearing jasmine perfume.
    Fumerie Turque and Chergui are more of a hookah smoky note not cigarette.They both remind me of coffeeshops in Maghreb countries where the men drink coffees and smoke hookah!For a clean tobacco note Herrera for men!

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    The original Polo (Green)

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    I make note a diffrence between "just smoked a cigarette" and a tobacco smell, so some of the tobacco scents referenced don't sound to me like "just smoked a cigarette."

    Jasmin et Cigarette by ELdO sounds like a possibility. I know some people think Creed BdP has a bit of an "ashtray" smell.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    Green Polo, definitely.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by Somerville Metro Man View Post
    Another one is Etat Libre D'Orange Jasmin et Cigarette it is a very interesting fragrance indoles and cigarette, not for everybody to be sure.
    How about Serge's Gris Clair? I remember something about ashyness
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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    SMN Tabacco Toscano> cigar tobacco + honey

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    Polo, definitely, but it's more frankincense than tobacco. The original Aramis is probably closer to cigarette smoke, but it too smells more like the inside of a church.

    Then again, cigarette smoke is a rather stale, nauseating sort of aroma, and I don't imagine it's something that any perfumer aspires to.

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    Default Re: Tobacco Fragrances

    One word: Fumidus

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