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    Default fragrance online store

    hey all!
    do you know any good online store where i may buy some branded female fragrances?
    but you know my only requirement is the site should be authentic. There may be no fraud and the quality of perfume should be high.

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    Luckyscent has many of the latest niche and high end fragrances, and they are totally reputable and professional. For discount -- and not to guarantee that your experience would be identical to mine -- so far I've had good experiences with Fragrancenet, parfum1, and beautyencounter. Once a parfum1 bottle I received had an off color -- I returned it and they refunded my money promptly.

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    Default Re: fragrance online store

    ohhh thats bad.. i guess i would be needing many good reviews after this reply..

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    Default Re: fragrance online store

    The online store is also very good. A good selection of niche and beauty products, and good customer service. This will not have discounted scents always, but occasionally prices will be cut with occasional discounts.

    Lucky Scent have no discounts (the brick-and-mortar store is Sceent Bar) but the selection and customer service are without peer.
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    I have ordered from the following sites multiple times, with great luck from all three:

    Rei Rien Nice mix of niche, classic and contemporary favorites, plus decanted samples and decanting supplies

    Fragrancenet Great selection of designer and contemporary scents, great prices and fast shipping

    Fragrancex Great prices, sometimes you can get a real steal from this one

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    I think fragrranceX is great. They will post anywhere in the World free of charge.

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