Hi all,

In my search for a Cinnamon Oriental I like, I have spotted Armand Basi Homme in the directory and I've found an online store based in the UK (Cheapsmells), that is selling it for a reasonable price. Trouble is I've never seen it in any stores here so I cant test it, and the only online places selling decants would cost me as much as Cheapsmells are charging for a Full Bottle!

So, I'm about to commit a cardinal sin and blind buy, which is something I know doesn't work for me because my skin chemistry is odd and fragrances can smell very different on me than described.

So I thought of another way of attacking this problem, try and imagine what its like based on what I know already. On BN, Armand Basi Homme is described as:

- gravitating around the same point in the scentiverse as Le Male, 212 Sexy Men and Hypnose Homme, a Lavender heavy oriental, just not as potent as any of them
- a 'woodier' version of Must de Cartier PH, with similar low projection
- a lite version of Gucci Envy / Floris Santal
- almost an aromatic fougère, if it had oakmoss (JaimeB s review)
- 'gingerbready'
- reminiscent of Christmas (its mentioned in all the Christmas threads, along with pretty much every other Cinnamon fragrance)
- A spicy floral like Jaipur or Zero Plus Masculine

This is highly confusing!

I have tried and like Le Male, 212 Sexy Men, Hypnose Homme and Must de Cartier PH, and dislike Envy, Santal, Jaipur or 0+. So I've got no idea where, amongst all of those fragrances that I have an understanding of, Armand Basi Homme fits in.

I take for granted that one of its main notes is Lavender, which I like as a note, but of the spice, which one is dominant?

Cinnamon? (like Must)
Cardamon & Nutmeg? (like Envy)
Vanilla? (like Le Male)

Its a subtle skin scent for an oriental, but how subtle? Like Must, or even more subtle like Endymion?

And are the florals more 'green' like most Lilly of the Valley scents smell, or is it like the Jasmine/Hedione dominant florals of Jaipur which just dont work for me (Jaipur turns 'too girly' on me)?

Thanks in advance, Andy