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    Default Thoughts on Oscar for men by Oscar De La Renta

    Im just starting to try and learn how to describe perfumes so bare with me.

    I bought it few days ago at TJMax for 9.99.

    I remember smelling this many years ago (almost 10 years ago) and i remember that i liked that scent.

    I decided to buy it and today if first wore it.

    It started very harsh in my opinion. I usually find citrus smelling edt to smell bad on me and so i decided to go light with it... It didnt help.

    At first the smell is very lemonish/citrus with a powdery smell that you can almost visualize as texture.
    It wasnt a hot day out, but it was nice and sunny. About an hour later it started to settle down, but it was still very strong and i was able to smell it on myself.

    This girl in my class told me it is not a bad smell but its a little too strong, and told me i should spray less (all i did was two sprays)

    By the time for my next class the scent turned very nice.
    The citrus kind of blended in with the powder smell and it produced a nice aquatic feel to it. If i had to describe it i would say its somewhat like a roasted lemon/orange smell just not as ashy and sour.

    I find it pretty casual-elegant scent that can be worn by mid 20s to older ages.

    It is definitely a cool temperature smell. I think when it is too hot outside the citrus smell with overpower the perfume.
    Im going to wear it tonight and see what the girls will say (im going to apply it about and hour before i go out)

    Any one else got thoughts about it?
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Oscar for men by Oscar De La Renta

    My friend got a bottle of it as a gift and didn't wear cologne, so he gave it to me. I enjoy it, but it grew on me. Spray it far away, so it mists you, and it won't be as strong.

    For being as strong as it is, it's longevity is terrible for me. It's a good more casual scent. Good outdoorsy scent

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Oscar for men by Oscar De La Renta

    I've smelled it but wasn't crazy about it.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Oscar for men by Oscar De La Renta

    OfM does start of harshly, but settles into a nice nutmeg and cedar accord after a short while. Sprayed moderately, it actually does well in the heat.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Oscar for men by Oscar De La Renta

    This is the only scent I own which seems to get stronger as the day gets longer.

    It starts off as others have described it, with sort of a watery feel about it - seems perfect for a warm day.
    But I just started getting more and more sensitised to that pepper note as the day progessed, and by the end of the working day it seemed more powerful than at the begining of the day, and I'd be getting quite sick of it.

    There is obviously nothing wrong with the longevity of this scent.
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    Default Re: Thoughts on Oscar for men by Oscar De La Renta

    Yep, no issues with longevity here either. Maybe you could try applying it normally rather than misting. I, like Renato, also struggle with the pepper at times.

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    Default Re: Thoughts on Oscar for men by Oscar De La Renta

    Ok ok, i give up, i will buy this based on this thread. I do love a brutal killer fragrance

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