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    Post All about making scented candles...

    Hey, gido, here are some helpful links and tricks that might interest you or any person who wants to start making scented candles. Personally, I am only interested in soy candles.

    I suggest you not to waste your money with candle-making books. You have all the resources online (see links below). You just have to follow religiously the instructions you will find here and there… Just buy a beginner kit before going forward and just start to make your candles. Making candle seems easy and fun, but actually, it’s very complex and requires lots of testing.

    Just make 1 candle at a time for testing (adjust the ratio of wax, scent, dye, as the percentage is usually for 1 pound):

    1) Always start by making unscented candles and see how your wax and type of wick reacts after cooling and when burning. The same candle will burn differently according to the type of candle, of wax, fragrance, dye and wick.

    2) Once you are comfortable, then, test unscented colored candles. Test it with each color and wick as some color could clog a wick that was working perfectly with an unscented candles.

    3) Then, make scented color and uncolored candles and test, test, test!! It's the key of candle-making. Know that all essential oils will not work with wax. Same for fragrance oils, some will work fine with soy, others not. Anything water or alcohol based (food grade colors, tinctures,…) is not made for candles, or even essential oils diluted in carrier oils (your wick will make lot of smoke).

    And last but not least, yes, testing candles is very tricky and… costly. But once, you get the appropriate formula for each type of candle, candle-making will be a piece of cake.

    Here are some candle-making forums and blogs:

    International guild of candle artisans:

    Candle-making suppliers are also very useful as they give instructions. I don’t know about European suppliers, but here is a list of some American suppliers:

    Some handy online calculators:


    Some fragrance oil suppliers:

    Good luck to everyone!

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    Default Re: All about making scented candles...

    argane, that's a lot of links! i think it's very kind of you to compile all this for us. looks like i have enough to read for a little while. ;)

    thank you!

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    Default Re: All about making scented candles...

    You're very welcome! Everyone is so kind and helful, I want to give a hand in return. I took me a while to find all those really comprehensive links as I was totally new to this art, I wish I had a whole list of useful links... For sure, there a lot more links, but these one are enough for a nice beginning. And, yes, take all yout time, you have plenty information to digest before creating your first candles!

    Last recommandations:
    - Do not do like me: make your first scented candles with fragrance oils first, and use your precious essential oils only when you will be more expert with the candle-making process. I was curious to see how wax will react, so I did a mix and match with fragrance oils and essential oils, and I've ended up wasting lot of essential oils for almost nothing. My FO candles are more fragrant than the EO ones: my cedarwood, lavender or eucalyptus essential oils candles had a super great throw the first 2 days and after that, nothing or a very mild scent. I'll definitely leave the essential oils experience for later;
    - Only buy excellent quality fragrance oils, I suggest you to get few Manufacture Grade (even if it's just for a beginning) as most of the time, you may find lots of crapy cheap FOs that just smell horribly chemical. If you buy a beginner kit, 2-3 scents will be included though, but these are not very good and come in small vials;
    - Be organized and take detailed notes for each candle (always compare both scent: cold throw and hot throw, the eventual troubleshooting, etc.);
    - Last thing, always think "safety" when making candles: ventilated area, long-sleeve shirt and gloves, and alway use a double-boiler to melt your wax since wax could ignite very easily;

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: All about making scented candles...

    Where can I buy online for raw materials to make scented candles? Any suggestions?

    oopsss sorry! I did not get to see immediately the post above.
    Thanks for the suggestions.!
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    Default Re: All about making scented candles...

    Links for resources in EU would be great!

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    I've just made my two first scented candles, I live in Norway and there is not a lot of options for fragrance oils in the stores, so I buy them from Save on Scent. The wax I buy at Panduro, it's a swedish brand. My first candle turned out pretty well considering it's my first try. The hot throw is quite good. I used 15 ml of fragrance oil to 300 gram of wax, and I mixed equal parts of Black Cashmere, Copal and Dragons Blood. I left it to cure for a week. A woody spicy blend. The other one I made is still curing, I'm exited to see how it turns out, it's made with a Alien dupe. It sure is a fun hobby!

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    Default Re: All about making scented candles... is based in the netherlands. they sell candle making supplies, as well as perfume (and cosmetics) making supplies. they are one of the few companies in the world that sell small quantities of aroma chemicals to hobbyists. recommended.

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    Default Re: All about making scented candles...

    Hi everyone,

    This is a very helpful post indeed! Thank you!

    I'm curious if anyone has any feedback on the above fragrance suppliers. I've purchased tons from saveonscents. Their fragrances are generally pretty realistic (not too fake, powdery,sugary, etc) out of the bottle on a blotter, but tend to have a weak scent throw in my soy candles.

    Does anyone have feedback on the other three suppliers listed:

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: All about making scented candles...

    Diana, I am just starting out with candlemaking and I have read on candle maker boards that it's an art to make a scented candle in respect to what temperature to min in the f.oil, what type of wax, in short many factors matter!

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