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    Default Article: A voyage of discovery with Ormonde Jayne's Perfume Portraits

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    Lovely article Daneille -thanks !

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    A nice idea from Linda. Especially for those who, faced with the scent collection, have no idea which they will like best. Such as me, the first time I encountered OJ!

    I'm a Tiare fan, too. It's perfect for spring and summer.

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    In the spirit of the article, this is my initial reaction -- "I wanna go to London! I wanna go to Ormonde Jayne!"

    What an interesting idea -- thank you for the article, Danielle.

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    This sounds really interesting, I am already plotting to meet a friend in London...

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    It is a really interesting experience - especially because Ormonde Jayne have some pretty unusual oils in their fragrances which you can smell as individual components.

    If anyone does make it into the boutique let us know how you get on!


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    I'd love to try it. Do you know if they charge for it? I don't "need" it though, I already know very well that I LOVE most OJ's and like the rest. ;-)

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    Therre's no charge & it takes about 20 minutes, & there's no need to pre-book - next time I'm in London, in December, it's on my list!

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    Default Re: Article: A voyage of discovery with Ormonde Jayne's Perfume Portraits

    There's no charge, it takes abot 20 minutes & there's no need to pre-book - I contacted them to find out as it's on my "Must Do" list for my next London trip.

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