So I went totally blind on this, because I couldn't find any reviews whatsoever, but couldn't pass up the deal; and I figured.. most store fragrances (Hollister, Banana Republic, A&F, etc) don't really make any disgusting smelling fragrances. They're all safe an appeal to the general public. That been said.. I'm now making the first ever review of Vurt Red, it's not gonna be a full review though. First and foremost here's the link so you can see the fragrance and the notes - and as you can see they still have them available for 4.99. Now onto the fragrance itself.. as soon as I put it on I thought ok.. RED DELICIOUS. It's like Red Delicious but with rose added to it, plus it actually smells less synthetic. It's a cologne not an EDT, so I'm not expecting much lasting power, but I did one squirt on my hand and it's been on for about 30 minutes now. Heck I've done 1 spray of EDT's on my hand and they haven't lasted this long. It does take on a little bit of a papery smell, but I actually think that's the cotton note. Overall for 5 bucks, it's a steal. Apple, cotton, rose and then a little bit of citrus as it gets into the middle and base. Not bad at all. Makes for a good gift too.