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    Default How would you classify Old Spice?

    What kind of fragrance group is it? Woody spicy?
    Is it a teenage scent? It smells nice, but is it too mature for a teenager?
    Do girls dig it, disregarding the nostalgic factor?

    Oh yeah and it doesn't smell like manure anymore

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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    With a scent like this, you have to test it for your self. If it works for you, it works. If you're a teenager, you may be so young that women your age don't relate to it at all since it was a older scent falling out of favor even when their dad's were young.

    Personally, I kind of like it, but when I wear it, I wear it with the understanding that while some women may like it for any number of reasons, many will find it an appalling "old man" scent. I am a mature guy. Women around my age may relate to it in a positive way, or not. If I were under 40, I wouldn't dabble with it much.
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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    I agree with Stylin LA, You have to try this first

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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    Quote Originally Posted by seasoldiermarine View Post
    I agree with Stylin LA, You have to try this first
    I agree again, test it and wear it if you like it. Dispense with gender labels or age labels.
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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    He is asking our opinions, so why not provide it? Here's mine: no, it's not for today's teenagers. I don't hang around teenage girls so I can't help you with that one. I'd classify it as an "old school" oriental, which means it has an animalic quality, has a lot of notes, and many of the notes are quite blended, though some certainly may "spike." Aren't the aquatic, ozonic, and Tommy type woody frags what they are wearing today (I don't know)? I assume you are referring to the Old Spice found on shelves today at stores like Walmart, right? I haven't smelled that one, actually, so I can only state my opinion on an old bottle, though I don't know when it's from, exactly.
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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    I have the P&G Old Spice. Because it starts out smelling like bay rum and transitions to vanilla, I'd call it a spicy oriental.
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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    I'm gonna start sounding like a broken record soon, but I don't care...

    I don't think Old Spice is, or ever has been, for anyone. And everyone I've ever known who has worn it at one time or another, without exception, agrees with me. I do not understand the high praise it gets, particularly in the old Shulton formulation, which is one of the worst things I've ever smelt.

    That is all.

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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    Top Notes: Orange, Lemon, Spices, Clary Sage, Aldehydes.
    Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Carnation, Geranium, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Pimento Berry.
    Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Benzoin, Tonka, Ambergris..

    According to the notes, a citric due to the orange and the lemon, or an aromatic due to the clary sage. The cedarwood would make it a woody, the frankincense a spicy and the musk, the benzoine, the vanilla and the ambergris would make it an oriental.

    According to my nose, the citric notes as well as the cedarwood are absent: there are, obvioulsy, spices and musk, thus it would be a spicy oriental.

    Armani Code would be in the same venue. Besides this one, it is not a style favoured by youngsters, who are much into aromatic acquatics - Acqua di Gio, Cool Water, etc.

    My suggestion: disregard opinions, try it by yourself, and if you feel comfortable in it, wear it. Just don't care what other people think.

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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    I grew up in the '70s. This is the only thing my dad ever wore. I have a bottle of the original Shulton formula just for sentimental purposes. I would never wear it in a million years.

    ...however, on another note entirely -- if you can score yourself a puck of the original shaving soap (there are quite a few available on ebay), it's an excellent quality soap. If it still has the scent left, even better (it rinses away when you're done). You'll need a shaving brush to use it, tho.

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    Default Re: How would you classify Old Spice?

    Its not that hard...two words OLD and Spice...its all in the name!!!!

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