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    Default Goof News For Aramis Havana (Gentlemen's)

    I posted about a month ago with my disappointment of the new Havana's sillage and longevity. I decided to spray a shot on my wrist and neck and go to work. Although no one smelled it (if they did they didn't mention it) I do take back what I said about the longevity. Sillage still is not good. Anyway, I asked a female co worker of mine who is in her mid 20s to smell my wrist and tell me what she thought. Her eyes lit up and said "that is definitely a "turn on" scent." She then proceeded to ask me what it was. She seemed like she really liked it. So tonight I'm going to try a few more sprays and head out to a party. I guess Havana is better than I thought!

    Crap! I put goof instead of good in the thread title. Could a moderator change that for me?
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