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    Default Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    I know there have been numerous Cuiron by Helmut Lang threads in the past, but they're all dated from around 2005-2007, so here's my take on Cuiron.

    As a side note, I just bought my bottle of Cuiron blind from a BNer and today is the first day I gave it a full wearing. It seems to be a really old bottle, as the ink on the label has run a bit, causing the words "Helmut Lang Cuiron" to have smudged a bit.

    My first impression, strangely enough, was citrus and pickles... Maybe the top notes went off!? Thankfully, the dill and citrus notes die down, and a plum accord soon emerges, along with what smells like suede and gasoline. In fact, the gasoline note is the most realistic I've ever encountered - if you love the smell of gasoline, this is your holy grail.

    As the scent progresses, the gasoline becomes less intense, and the sharp suede note gets amplified into a powdery and lush suede, as some woods and a bit of spice (I smell a touch of cinnamon) make their appearance.

    Overall, I liken Cuiron to a suede jacket bundled with kindle wood and drenched in gasoline. It's quite an interesting and unique fragrant experience.

    Is it amazing? Yep. Do I wanna wear it? Not so sure. I have yet to decide whether I love it or hate it.

    So what I'm left asking now is: what's the general BN consensus on Cuiron these days?
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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    Cuiron! One of the divine leathers!

    Also try Parfums d'Empire Cuir Ottoman for a heavenly leather topnote with jasmine, and Cuir de Lancome for another floral leather. Finally, Heeley's Cuir Pleine Fleur for an authentic leather scent. (Cuir Ottoman's is my fav leather scent.)
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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    Cuiron has been discontinued for a long time and the bottle is likely to be old. The letters on the label of my bottle is "runny" too. It is getting pretty difficult and pricey to get. Leather, plum and suede are the dominant notes I can pick out. Love to wear it in the fall. It is mysterious yet leaves you yearning for more!

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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    I like it more than ANY leather... period. I think it bridges the gap between old -tyle fougeres and modern 'art' fragrances in a way no other men's scent does. I love it for myself, too!

    And I really find it so wearable.

    I get NO pickles whatever from mine, so I am wondering if your samples is off? Anyone else get pickles?

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    Cool Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    As you can see, it is beloved by many fine noses.
    (Pickles? Must be an old bottle turning bad)

    I am not fond of it.
    You still have my oath that should I win the lottery, I will get all the Cuiron fans a botlle of Miller Harris Cuir d' Oranger

    Given the statistical improbability and the inevitable re formulations on the horizon, I'd recommend getting a bottle for yourselves ahora!
    Or if you doubt my taste in this, at least risk getting a sample . . .


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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    Love Cuiron. The shower gel was wonderful stuff as well. Even better was the smell of the Cuiron deo stick. It differed a little from the EDC a little-- it seems like it has a few extra notes.

    I'll always remember the day I bought Cuiron (the year it was released). It was late summer/early fall and I thought to myself "Wow. This is really something special." I wore it almost every time I played a show and it was somewhat of a signature scent for a while.

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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    I don't get any pickles from mine but there is a sharp citrus note in the topnotes. I really like the heart notes but find the opening a bit chaotic, which may be the reason why some people have given it bad reviews. I think some of them based their impressions on quickly spraying a tester strip and dismissing it right away.
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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    This thread got me to wear Cuiron to work yesterday. I didn't spray on any EDC, but instead I dug out the remains of my Cuiron shower gel and used some of it to wash my hair before work. A person sneezed getting into the elevator and another person sneezed immediately at work (I always keep track of the sneeze factor, though sneezes are like mini-orgasms, so maybe those people should be grateful!). Anyway, later after the shower gel wore off, I applied some of the EDC from a dab vial. I have to say-- I think I like the way Cuiron goes on from a dab much more than a spray. I don't know why but it does seem more chaotic when I spray it than when I dab it on.

    I was wondering though-- maybe you really need to be wearing some item of leather to really pull this one off. I don't have a leather jacket at the moment, but this scent smells so leathery that maybe bystanders are confused when they smell it and see no leather.

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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    Sounds interesting
    sometimes the first 2-4 sprays will smell off in fragrance bottle if it has not been sprayed for a while, this is the juice stuck in the atomizer passage, and is usually more open to oxidation than the juice in the bottle.
    so I would try to spray another 5 sprays then try putting some on your skin to see if the whole bottle went off, or just whats in the atomizer tubing.
    Great review, def sounds like something I would not like.
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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    OK so I gave Cuiron a full wearing the other day and the verdict is in: I love it, and it's wearable after all.

    I'd like to revise my summary of how it smells though: It's more like creamy/citrusy orange blossoms, powdery iris, and kindle wood all wrapped in a leather jacket and doused in gasoline. I believe the freshness in Cuiron comes from the use of florals, like orange blossoms and iris - they give it a fresh and elegant feel. I also figured out where the dill (ie. pickle) notes came from: it was just my interpretation of citrus and plum. There's also a salty aspect to the fragrance that shows more in the top notes, and I imagine this also lead to the olfactory idea of pickles! Strangely enough though, I highly enjoy the "pickles" note - in fact, when I dissected what I was smelling, I noticed there was no pickles at all, just subjective interpretation. The opening can also be likened a bit to Erolfa - it's a bit briney and citrusy all at once.

    As you guys mentioned, it is a rather chaotic scent - there's a lot going on, and it's hard to close in on exactly what you're smelling. Luckily, it smells to me like controlled chaos, and I absolutely love the stuff. I thought it wasn't quite wearable at first, but that was because it smells so weird! It's hard to integrate new smells like Cuiron into your smell repertoire. However, when I gave it a full wearing the other day, I wore it with jeans, a tee shirt and boat shoes and it melted right into the vibe I was conveying. It was a cool day, and worked perfectly. I think it just takes a bit of time to integrate Cuiron into your persona, and then it works great. The gasoline note is probably the hardest note to work with, but when you just accept it for what it is, it's pretty damn cool to smell like gasoline and leather> Feels real bad ass, but also elegant (with those florals and suede).

    Cuiron is another fragrance I never would have tried without reading about all the hype on BN, and so I thank you guys (over the past few years) for bringing Cuiron to light. I can definitely attest to the fact that is a great frag.

    If anyone's looking for a bottle, they tend to pop up on BN every once in a while. I'd like to thank the Bner who sold me the bottle last month, as he gave me an affordable price for such a discontinued gem. Thanks bud, you know who you are!
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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    Cuiron is horrid stuff; Helmut Lang did the world a favor when Cuiron was discontinued.
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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    I loved Curion...I miss it.

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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    I like Cuiron, but it's not my favorite leather. That would be K10.

    In fact, Cuiron might not even crack my top 3 leather frags. Others near the top (in no particular order): Bandit, Lonestar Memories, Cuir Ottoman.

    The smell that always reminds me of Cuiron is American Crew Daily Moisturizing Shampoo. Nowhere near as complex or interesting, of course. But somehow reminiscent.

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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    Quote Originally Posted by PhinClio View Post
    I like Cuiron, but it's not my favorite leather. That would be K10.
    Ironically, I just recently got around to sampling Cuiron because it was suggested by so many K10 fans, and that scared me off LOL. Different strokes.

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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    My wardrobe icon speaks for me.
    "It's not what you look like when you're doing what you're doing; it's what you're doing when you're doing what you look like you're doing."

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    Default Re: Helmut Lang Cuiron - My 1st Impression

    I prefer Worth Pour Homme Haute Concentrate. Cuiron is too harsh/bare and "synthetic" feeling for me, though it's stronger (not necessarily a "good thing," especially with this kind of frag). I'm wearing Everlast Original 1910, and also prefer it to Cuiron. For wearable "suede and gasoline," I reach for DKNY Fuel for Men.
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