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    Default What a gift....I recieved an oil from Istanbul.....Amazing.

    Some days ago, a turkish cousin gave me 10 ml of a turkish oil. In the glass appear ETERNITY.....I said to him its fake....He said noooooo,its an oil only....natural oil with natural components.....10 ml costs about 10 usd in Istanbul. Not a cheap thing.

    Guys, this thing is amazing, super nice and classy....and extremely long lasting. With the 10 ml bottle I have for lot of months.

    The sillage is incredible also.

    Any others have good experiences like this kind of products ?

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    Default Re: What a gift....I recieved an oil from Istanbul.....Amazing.

    10ml for 10 USD is not expensive either. It's a roller bottle I presume?
    It's probably a non-alcoholic, oil based approximation of CK's eternity.

    They are usually diluted, so while I can't speak about your exact sample, the concentrations are more like eau de parfum, rather than parfum.

    I have great experiences with attars in general, not so much with non-alcoholic cheap fakes.

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    Default Re: What a gift....I recieved an oil from Istanbul.....Amazing.

    I've been on vacation in Egypt last summer and they sell perfume oils everywhere. In perfumery at Cairo (( Ah this domain doesnt work now..) they had essence oils of many well known designer scents like CK One (called Ramsis II), ADG (called Ali Baba), Dior Jadore (Queen of Egypt) - thats what my ex-girlfriend bought, Dior Poison (Cleopatra )etc. You wouldnt know difference. It was rather cheap too.. I bought something that has Nefertity on glass vial (I think it had same name too) but I am not sure what is it in "real" and i think its for women but smells almost unisex. It wasnt in this perfumery neither but in 1 shop in Hurghada. Anyway it smells divine...
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