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    Default Un Bois Vanille vs Aomassai

    I just got a sample of Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens, and I was taken aback by how much I loved it. I thought I wouldn't like it because I prefer darker fragrances, but this is just so sweet and comforting but yet not cloying (in small amounts).

    I read that Aomassai by Parfumerie Generale is a strong sweet burnt caramel scent, so I'm wondering if anyone has tried them both? I hope that burnt caramel will give it more masculine. What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: Un Bois Vanille vs Aomassai

    Own the Lutens and have tried the PG. I rate both highly but really is caramel more masculine than vanilla?

    They are both very high quality (IMO) quite sweet, (but not cloying) gourmands - not mutually exclusive - you could own both if you have a sweet tooth.

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    Default Re: Un Bois Vanille vs Aomassai

    I own and use both. Aomassai - hazelnut toffee/burnt sugar (plus other notes) - isn't as sweet, creamy, or thick/heavy as UBV, and does feel a little oily (come to think of it, a number of PG scents feel that way to me). Chances are, if you don't find UBV to be feminine, you wouldn't find Aomassai to be either. I agree with Mr. R, they're not mutually exclusive. Both are very good scents, though personally, there are a couple of vanilla-centric scents I prefer over UBV.

    Hope this helps...

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    Default Re: Un Bois Vanille vs Aomassai

    Thanks. I'm hoping that Aomassai would be more masculine because I'd imagine that the slightly bitter tinge of burnt caramel would make it dirtier. Personally, I think if people feel that Pure Malt is perfectly fine for a guy to wear, I don't see why Un Bois Vanille would be a problem. I just ordered a sample of Aomassai, but I'm scared that I will like it because it might mean that I'll have to get both fragrances! *sigh*

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    Default Re: Un Bois Vanille vs Aomassai

    Well, good things come in 3's, so when you've picked up the Lutens & PG you might like to check this one out - not a personal favourite but it may address your particular craving.

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    Default Re: Un Bois Vanille vs Aomassai

    Both are good. Both are unisex and will wear comfortably on a man. I own neither, though, not because I don't like them but because I would rarely wear either in the warm climate here in Miami. But maybe one of these days, I will buy decants of these to have for cool evenings. Especially the's so wonderfully comforting.

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    Default Re: Un Bois Vanille vs Aomassai

    Oh man! $225 for 75ml?! Whao... I think I'm going to get a sample of Spiritueuse Double Vanille first. Actually, I thought I was set with vanilla based orientals like L'instant pH and Jaipur pH, but I just couldn't believe how much I kept sniffing my wrist after applying Un Bois Vanille. I just hope I don't love it too much that I end up buying all these fragrances!

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