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    Default Mila Schön (original) (1980)

    Dear perfumelovers,
    who knows any information about original Mila Schön (1980) ???
    is it chypre or not ??? similar perfumes ???
    there is nothing about this perfume anythere ...only one review in Basenotes ((((

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    Default Re: Mila Schön (original) (1980)

    I don't know this fragrance first hand, but according to Perfume Intelligence, the original Mila Schon debuted in 1981. It was later discontinued and relaunched in 1997. Then that version was discontinued in 2001 and reformulated in 2002.

    Perfume Intelligence has this to say: "In association with Morris; a floral-mossy chypre edt with top notes of bergamot and cloves, heart notes of jasmine, acacia and patchouli on base notes of vetiver and amber."

    I have no idea how closely the latest version resembles the original.

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    Default Re: Mila Schön (original) (1980)

    I wore and loved the original Mila Schön. I had several large splash bottles and went through them pretty quickly in the late 1980's. The original was not a chypre in the dark green mossy manner of Scherrer or Cabochard or Eau de Soir. It was a floral, warm, spicy fragrance with a very zingy spirit. It had an exquistely sharp top note of nutmeg and maybe bergamot. Unfortunately, the peers of this fragrance in terms of any similarities are also long-gone gems - I would say Cabriole by Elizabeth Arden and Gauloise by Molyneux.

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    Default Re: Mila Schön (original) (1980)

    it's very sad that it's not a green chypre (i like chypres so much).........(((((((

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