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    Smile Hello!I guess I need your help again +++

    I'm a young female who enjoys wearing Carolina Herrera for men!I simply love it!
    Are there any other similar perfumes out there to try?Thank you!

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    Default Re: Hello!I guess I need your help again +++

    Bless you for enjoying such a wonderful fragrance. Herrera for Men is a fantastic versatile every day fragrance that doesn't get the appreciation it deserves. It's basic which is something that's hard to find now a days. Eternity by CK reminds me of Herrera in ways but it's lighter and greener. I think almost every men's fragrance from the CK house can be worn by a woman as well.

    I know many chicks don't like womens fragrances because they all seem overly powdery or floral. When a woman asks me to recommend a good men's frag to them, that smells more manly but not overdoing it.. I go with Eternity, CK Be, Curve, or Cool Water. All of these I know many women to wear -- they're more manly yet don't compromise themselves if a woman wears it.

    Pertaining directly to your question though. Out of those recommended, I find Cool Water, Eternity and CK Be to fall along the lines of Herrera.
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    Default Re: Hello!I guess I need your help again +++

    My wife loves Fahrenheit and Nikos Sculpture, i.e.

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    Default Re: Hello!I guess I need your help again +++

    @ the_cologneist!Thank you a lot!It is true most of the "feminine" targeted perfumes are too flowery for my tastes!I usually like oriental perfumes like Chergui or Musc Ravageur.The flowers I only like except from orange blossom are jasmin and tuberose but those are too heavy for an everyday scent.Herrera for men is a true classic and inspired from the classic Mediterranean recipes of Eaux de colognes with a spicy,tobacco twist!It is a true compliment getter too.Thank you for your recs!I'll start testing!
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    Default Re: Hello!I guess I need your help again +++

    Thank you!Actually an ex boyfriend wore Fahrenheit so it would be kind of weird to wear it but I'll give Nikos Sculpture a try!

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    Default Re: Hello!I guess I need your help again +++

    Well you have interested me in Herrera for Men, that is one I haven't tried yet.
    However, looking at its fragrance notes and style makes me recommend Giorgio Armani pour Homme, which is widely available. You might also try Penhaligons English Fern and Geo. F. Trumper Wild Fern. Those are all excellent fougere style scents in a classy and green style.
    And for a joyful green vetiver, I suggest Mugler Cologne. I always smile when I wear that.
    Hope you find interesting new things to try!

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    Default Re: Hello!I guess I need your help again +++

    Mmm those fougères sound really interesting!You really have to try Herrera!It is gorgeous!

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    Default Re: Hello!I guess I need your help again +++

    Try Arome Trois by Parfums D'Orsay (OK, I know he was not a parfumeur...) and also Crown Perfumery Sandringham.

    Arome Trois is a wonderful lavender fougere and Sandringham is a woody muguet.

    You might also try Caron's Troisieme Homme, which is floral but not too sweet.
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