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    Default Broken bottle help!!!!

    Hey guys i dropped my cool water bottle and the alignment seems to be off with the sprayer and will not spray at all what do i do??? it seems to be totally cashed at the moment

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    Default Re: Broken bottle help!!!!

    Well if you are unable to fix the bottle then take off the top and decant it into a sprayer and you're good to go.

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    Default Re: Broken bottle help!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by LoneWolf View Post
    Well if you are unable to fix the bottle then take off the top and decant it into a sprayer and you're good to go.
    Don't you have to spray it into the bottle to decant it? Unless you have one of those nifty little atomizers; I don't see how one can just take the top off either?

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    Default Re: Broken bottle help!!!!

    I once had to use an icepick type of tool to punch out the tube, after taking the spray top off, and then it just dribbled out. After I dribbled it out into a bowl, I used a pipette to then put it into another frag bottle.

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    Default Re: Broken bottle help!!!!

    Be careful if you take the top off of Cool Water. The little metal piece underneath the bigger one is fused to the glass and your bottle really will break, at least at the top, when you pry it off. Do it somewhere where you won't mind glass falling.

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    Default Re: Broken bottle help!!!!

    You need a good glass spray bottle - like ones they often sell at aromatherapy stores - to take the content.

    And you need a pair of pliers or any other tool that grabs the silver part and rips it off.
    There will probably be a metal part underneath going around the glass.
    Twist that around with the pliers till it's loose.
    Then get thin tipped pliers or a nail, and lift the metal in one spot.
    Then with the small pliers lift it all around the circumference.
    Then pull the whole top part off with big pliers or other grabbing tool (I've got one but forget what it's called).
    Sometimes it comes out. Sometimes it pulls the glass neck off as well.

    If the glass neck comes off, it's best to have a small funnel handy, or just fashion one by cutting a rectangle of plastic (from the front of a display folder or the type that goes around gift sets), twisting it around and making a funnel with it at the top of the receiving bottle. Without a funnel, you may spill a lot when transferring the content (or you may not - depending on the shape of the broken off glass neck).
    Good luck,

    P.S. I did just this six weeks ago when my bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo just stopped working
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    Default Re: Broken bottle help!!!!

    It can be a real drag getting the juice out of the bottle. Renato described the process rather well. Even if the glass breaks while attempting to remove the spray nozzle from the original bottle, you can easily decant the juice (after you've poured it from the bottle into another container) if you have either a glass pipette or a hypodermic needle. I find a hypodermic needle/syrine to work best since it is such thin gauge that there is no chance of transferring any broken glass fragments into your chosen atomizer. After the transfer, you can then bathe the pipette or hypodermic/syringe in rubbing alcohol to remove all traces of the fragrance and prepare it again for future transfers.
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    Default Re: Broken bottle help!!!!

    Renato has the concept down, that's the way to do it. I just don't have a bottle of Cool Water in front of me so i can't see if that will work. That won't work on most bottles, but I think Cool Water has the cheap set up.

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